If setting up a great sounding home theatre meant only compiling a few expensive sets of speakers, then every home theatre setup should sound phenomenal right? But as we all know, that’s simply not the case. There are a lot of factors that one needs to take into consideration before creating their ideal home theatre. In this blog, we will give you a quick walkthrough to help you understand the buying process that one should follow and some questions you need to keep handy for doing self-analysis. Considering these tips & tricks you will be able to understand the importance of speaker placement, what kind of speakers you need to buy, how many subwoofers will be enough for your space, and understanding some more questions as such… that will help you to take your home entertainment to the next level. So, let’s begin! 

First, let’s understand what a basic home theatre setup consists of…Any basic home theatre setup will always consist of, 

Front & Center Channel Speakers

These speakers are usually placed behind the visual screen (in case of a projection screen) or below & besides (in case of a television setup) and are responsible for producing most of the conversation & vocal sound in a movie. 


It’s rightly said that a subwoofer is the heart of your home theatre. Without a subwoofer, your home theatre just wouldn’t deliver to its utmost potential. A good quality subwoofer is responsible for reproducing even the lowest of frequencies and producing smooth bass notes. A subwoofer adds an extra punch to your surround sound system. 

Surround Sound Speakers

Remember those certain sound effects in movie theatres that travel from left to right of the hall? Bullet shots, car crashes, explosions, etc? Well, say thanks to ‘surround sound’ speakers because these are the ones that immerse you into a surround sound experience in movie theatres. They are placed right behind or above you, so that they can playback the sound effects that set the scene, offering you an immersive and most realistic atmospheric experience.  

AV Receiver (Audio-Video Receiver)

An AV receiver is the primary source of your home theatre setup. It has mainly two functions, to pass the video output to your TV or a projection screen and amplify the sound so it can be fed to the speakers. Apart from these basic functions, modern AV receivers offer a range of other features such as wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, Airplay and video casting options. 

As we now learn that a basic home theatre setup includes of,
• 02 Front and 01 Center channel speakers, 
• 01 Subwoofer, 
• 02 Surround Sound Speakers 
• 01 Amplifier or AV Receiver 

Adding anything apart from this basic setup is a question of personal choice. So, how do you figure out how many speakers or subwoofers are enough for your space? 

Before you analyse that, understand that every space requires a different kind of setup. While most households simply buy those readily available home theatre setups available in the market, understand that it’s not about how renowned branded speakers you’re buying but, it’s all about how those speakers will sound in your space. Yes, branded speakers do create a different impact all together but, without proper calibration of your space even those expensive speakers won’t be able to perform to their fullest potential. So how do you achieve the best audio experience in your home? 

If you’re setting up your home theatre for casual watching then any home theatre setup should be good for you. But if you’re an audiophile or a serious movie enthusiast and wish to bring that ‘cinema-like experience’ to your home, then you should definitely consult an Audio/Video specialist who not only helps you analyse what’s right for you but also helps you to spend your budget wisely. AV specialists not only understand your requirements but also visit & study your floor plans to help you design a perfect sounding home theatre. The most crucial step that follows after the home theatre setup is the audio calibration process. It’s the final step in building your home theatre wherein your setup is fine-tuned and the speakers are calibrated in a way so that they can deliver to their fullest potential. 

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