What is home automation?

What if you had the power to control everything around you with a single voice command or one remote device? How cool would that be? With home automation, your house works for you rather than you working for your house. For most of the menial tasks, you will be hands-free and you will have the power to orchestrate everything around you according to your will.

For example, you can put your lights on schedules so that they turn off when you normally go to sleep, or you can have your thermostat turn the A/C up about an hour before you return to work so you don’t have to return to a stuffy house. What’s even more interesting is that you can control various devices across your home using simple voice commands. You can be like, ‘Alexa, play netflix’ and watch the window blinds go down, lights dim & the projector screen coming to its position automatically. With home automation, all you gotta do is sit back on your couch, give a few commands and watch the magic happen.

Few of the things you can try for your smart home are,

Smart Lighting

Mood lighting for a romantic dinner or theater setting for a fun movie night with kids can be easily set with a single click of a button

Smart Security

In order to keep up with the growing threats to personal safety as well as data security, smart locks use either Biometric Technology or Key Codes ensuring access only to the right individuals

Audio Video

Looking to simplify your Audio/Video experience? You can now operate all your equipment using a single remote control or an app on your mobile phone

Voice Activated Control

With a single voice command you can now schedule appointments, check your local weather forecast or simply turn off all the lights and automatically lock the door behind you when you walk out of the house

Temperature Control

Remotely access your HVAC system by cooling your space before you reach or set it on a schedule to be energy efficient by only providing maximum cooling when the space is in use

Monitorized Window Shading

Schedule your window shadings to close when it is the sunniest or simply have them automatically closed while watching a movie or before going to bed

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