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    "Working with Avenue Sounds has been a remarkable experience; their integrity, problem-solving, and cutting-edge tech integration, like voice-controlled home theater setups, are exceptional. I highly recommend them for top-notch home tech upgrades and unparalleled customer service."
    Rishabh Kathotia
    "Impressed by Rythmik LVX 12 from Avenue Sound, Bombay, delivering accurate bass even below 32 Hz, enhancing my pipe organ music experience remarkably. Highly recommend it for organ music enthusiasts; crisp, timely bass, perfect for intricate passages. Enjoying CDs like Ian Tracey's Liverpool Cathedral, Michael Murray's Bach, and more."
    J Rajanesan
    "Chose Avenue Sound for home theatre expertise; Ashish's guidance in acoustic design and equipment selection exceeded expectations within budget. Responsive, client-focused service; strongly recommend for top-tier home theatre solutions."
    Rahul Lakhani
    "Avenue Sound has carried out an exceptional job in consulting and building my home theatre. Their work is outstanding and the best in India. "
    Arfeen Khan
    "Dealing with Avenue Sound India was a pleasure; Ashish and his team are professional and courteous. They recommend the right products, prioritize customer needs, and provide excellent post-installation support. Highly recommend for home or car entertainment systems!"
    Kunal Dalal
    "Avenue Sound in Mumbai stands out as a professional service, offering correct analysis, Ashish's personalized touch, and perfect knowledge, catering to all audio-video needs from high-end to budget setups. Highly recommended for car audio-video, home theatre, or corporate solutions."
    Ameya A. Gaandhe
    "Pioneer AVH-X2890BT from Avenue Sound is a perfect fit for my Volkswagen Polo, boasting excellent performance and packed with new features. Avenue Sound offered the best price and swift shipment, making them my go-to for future purchases."
    Lenhart Braganza
    "Thanks to Ashish's thorough diagnostic skills, my 28-year-old Bose analog speakers and antique tuner are now fully operational, much to my neighbors' chagrin! Highly recommend Avenue Sound for their expertise in reviving vintage audio equipment."
    Jane Heatly
    "Avenue Sound-wonderful! Very efficient,prompt,helpful advice and so courteous. Thank you."
    Mrs. Kirpalani

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