Customer satisfaction is our end goal and that’s why, each member at Avenue Sound is passionately driven towards a common goal, of making it a point to provide our consumers with sufficient & most importantly the’ correct information’ for every query that comes our way. That’s how we thrive and that’s how we shall continue to do so, as we feel it’s highly important to help our consumers gain confidence in their journey with us and also help them to make worthy decisions at every step in the process. 

Over the years of collaborating with various clients across the globe, we have curated some of the most common questions that come our way and to make it easier for you to find some quick answers to those  questions. 

Home Automation

What is a smart home?

A smart can best best be described as a home which works for you, and not the other way around. A customized collection of smart devices created to work towards enhancing your lifestyle and simplifying routine tasks on your schedule and to your likings.

What is home automation?

Home Automation is the ability to automate routine tasks, settings or lifestyle elements around your home  to your requirements, schedule and in synchronization with other parts of your home.

What are the benefits of home automation?

Home Automation allows you to control integral elements in your home through set routines which you have programmed through an app on your phone, a simple push of a keypad button, a Universal Remote Control or even voice activated control. It makes the more mundane work simple and the more time-consuming work easier and faster to accomplish.

Is home automation technology difficult to understand?

The easiest way to answer this is if you know how to use a smartphone or tablet, you will easily be able to use a Home Automation system. If you have staff or elderly members of your family who are not familiar with smart devices, keypads or simple voice activated commands can be programmed to do very basic functionalities such as All On or All Off to turn everything on and off in a particular space.

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Home Theatre

What is included in a typical home theater system?

A Home Theater System can range anywhere from two front speakers (A Stereo System) with a 2 channel amplifier to a Multi-Channel Surround Sound System with even up to 64 speakers depending on the room size and multiple amplifiers and processors. Generally a typical home theatre system for your space depends on the size of the space, seating layout and type of audio experience you are interested in implementing.

What is surround sound?

A Surround Sound System is a multiple speaker system in which sound can move from front to side and in some cases to back and even overhead to give you a sense of immersion and let you feel like you are a part of the scene and hear everything as the director intended you to hear it while making that scene.

How big a room do I need to get a real Home Theater experience?

We generally recommend not less than 150 square feet in size for a Dedicated Home Theater Room. If you are interested in creating a Media Room then a Living Room or Spare Bedroom can also do the job. We also recommend having more width in the room then length. That allows for proper speaker placement and accurate listening angles as per industry standards. Square rooms are not usually ideal and rectangular serve the purpose much better for a Home Theater Experience.

How many speakers are good enough for a decent setup?

This completely depends on your room size. We need to place enough speakers so that you have a completely immersive experience and every seat in the room gets accurate sound reproduction. We also want to ensure no single speaker is too close to any one listener so that they do not localize any hear that one speaker above all others. 

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Networking, Security & Wi-Fi

How do I improve the overall internet connectivity in my house?

We always recommend using wired connections between devices and not wirelessly repeating signals such as wifi etc for robust connectivity.

How does a smart video doorbell work?

A smart doorbell can ring to any smartphone or tablet no matter where you are in the world, and allow you to have an audio and visual conversation with whoever is at the door. The person at the door can hear you so that you can communicate with them effectively. In case you miss the call the smart video doorbell also captures screenshots of who rang the bell and at what time, and some even take screenshots of movement at the door. 

How do smartlocks work? And are they safe?

Smart locks allow you to use biometric, pin code, key card or facial recognition to unlock the door. Most even have a manual key option in built so that you can always use a traditional key in case you need to. They work on batteries so they do not fail if the electricity dies and they also can be used to unlock the door remotely from an app if you know who is at the door and want to let them in. They are very safe and effective and allow you the flexibility not to have to carry keys everywhere you go. Access can be easily removed or added directly from your smartphone app and guest access can also be given if you want to give someone temporary access to the door.

IP Cameras or CCTV, what's a better option?

IP Cameras provide higher resolution images and now even come in 4K. You can compare this to the old standard definition images which used to be available on television and now the High Definition or 4K images. If possible we highly recommend using IP cameras.

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