When designing you’re home the Television can sometimes become an eyesore in the wrong location. We’ve worked with many architects, interior designers and even clients who refuse to keep the television in rooms where they can expect guests. Sometimes this turns into a compromise for the family because Televisions are only kept in bedrooms and it becomes difficult to watch as a family. Hide Your Television Stylishly so that you can still give the room the aesthetics you want but not have to compromise on the television.

Glass TV

A glass or mirror TV works especially well in formal living rooms, bathrooms, or a bar area where you want the ability to watch but only at the right time. When the Television is not in use, the mirror exterior is the only part on display. Glass Televisions have an outer mirror coating which covers the television and is transparent when the television is in use. When the television turns off you only see the reflective glass or mirror and it can easily blend in with the décor for the space.

Hide your television Glass TV

Art Lifts

Speciality Manufacturers such as Leon Speakers have created mesmerizing ways to re-shape your Television into a piece of art when not in use. With their Media Décor line, they customize an art lift which will go up vertically or open horizontally to reveal your television when it is to be watched. These lifts can be combined with Home Automation systems as well to open or close at the touch of a button when a command to Watch is executed.

Art Lifts Art Lifts

Samsung Frame TV

Imagine your television framed inside a picture frame. That is the best way to describe the Samsung Frame TV, beautiful art when your TV is off. The best part about The Frame TV is that it is very customizable to your space. You can purchase a customizable frame which allows you to match with the colors of the space and perhaps even other picture frames around it. It hangs flush to the wall so that it feels just like a piece of art. No more mounts which cause your television to jut out and look out of place. The Frame TV also has a built-in motion sensor so it turns on when you are in the room and turns off automatically to save energy when the room is not occupied.

Hide your television

TV Lifts

Hide your television using a TV Lift! One of our favourite ways to conceal a television is to use a TV Lift to hide it in a storage cupboard or even inside the ceiling. Depending on where you have more space, both options work very well in completely concealing the television when not in use, and suddenly revealing it by bringing it up from the storage or down from the ceiling when active. These lifts can also be easily combined with your Home Automation system to deliver a “wow” factor when your television becomes active.

Hide your television Tv lifts

Floating Display

We recently attended a trade show and saw the Screen Innovations Zero G Rollable Projection Screen. We were blown away by the unique concept because it was not at all like traditional projection screens. Most screens require the case to be fixed and mounted and the fabric rolls down from the case. You must add additional drop in the fabric if the screen is suspended high and you want your image to appear lower. Then the unused portion of the screen is still visible and takes up space.

Screen Innovations Zero G alleviates all this by suspending the case for the screen on two strings down to the location you want your viewable image to appear. It’s similar to having a floating television. Now you only have to view the area where your image will appear and the rest of your space is free and no longer obstructed by a fabric which is not even being used. A brilliant concept by Screen Innovations and a great way to conceal your display in a space where a Television or Screen would easily be out of place.

Screen Innovations Zero G Rollable Projection Screen