At first glance Home Automation may seem like a complicated mixture of gadgets which promises amazing solutions but causes excess confusion to your lifestyle. Perhaps you feel Home Automation can will just add another notch to your to-do list of items you HAVE to learn this year.

At Avenue Sound one of our most important goals is to overcome this stereotype. When installed properly, Automating your home will provide you with a state of the art, simple, and reliable solution customized to make life easier and faster. In fact, it will be everything but complicated. An automated home is not just about turning lights on from your phone or tablet, watching security cameras while your away from home, or controlling your Audio/Video with one remote or app. When these solutions are combined it can lead to so much more. It can lead to simplicity, making life work for you, instead of you working for life. Consider having your thermostat automatically adjust itself when it knows you are in the room. Imagine your refrigerator starts making more ice when you initiate the “Party” scene in your automation system because it knows more guests are expected soon. Envision your home totally customized to needs, operating on your schedule, knowing when to work for you exactly when you need it to. The ability to control everything with your fingertips is very convenient. Home Automation brings in various benefits, energy efficiency being one of them!

At Avenue Sound we believe in using one company to combine your Lighting, Security, Audio/Video, Window Shadings, A/C Controls and much more into one customized solution. Our partner, Control4, allows us to create a tailor made solution which fits your ideas and allows us to systematically complete our goals. Feel free to contact us to learn more or for a free home consultation.