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MiniDSP and Rythmik Audio Save the Day in this Mumbai HighRise Apartment


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Integrating your subwoofer in a lively untreated room is one of the most challenging aspects of audio calibration. Recently we installed 4 of the Gray Sound C40 in-ceiling speakers for a customer in their Living Room. They were performing beautifully with large sound stage and off-axis response. The Rythmik Audio L12 Subwoofer though we added to enhance the low end was sounding boomy and too punchy. We were powering the Gray Sound speakers using the Audiocontrol Rialto 600 stereo amplifier. We did not have any options for EQ or further tweaking in the amplifier. How do we create the experience the customer has paid so much for and we should be delivering to him?

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The final results are on a different level. We can clearly hear the difference of how well the subwoofer blends with the mains and transitions through the crossover frequency of 80hz. No more boomy echo from the sub, but rather a tight punch which does not reverberate excessively in the live room. Next time you find yourself in a situation where your speakers are just not sounding right, consider investing in a MiniDSP UMIK to help you measure the results and look to these super helpful solutions like the PEQ from Rythmik Audio to make some minor adjustments which make a big difference!