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Juhu Beach Front Apartment goes Hi-Tech with the Ultimate Man Cave and Whole House Automation


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Juhu Beach


The home owner wanted a full scale of Audio/Video solutions for every room. We were tasked with creating a Dedicated Cinema Space, Surround Sound and Multi-Zone Audio Solutions for the residence. As per the wishes of the home owner it was decided that a Game Room/Man Cave would be created with a Projector and Motorized Screen along with a 7.1 Surround Sound Setup. The Living Room would have a 5.1 Surround Sound Setup with a 85” Television for the Display and the Master Bedroom would consist of a similar setup. The goal for us was to consider the acoustics of each room carefully and provide the most optimal and enveloping surround sound stage for each space.

Products Used

  • Home Automation Controllers: Control4 HC-250
  • Home Automation Universal Remote Control: Control4 SR-260
  • Motorized Window Shadings Control: Axxess RCS6
  • Lighting Control: Control4 C4-ADP240-WH and Control4 C4-TV240-WH
  • Home Theater Speakers: NHT Super Zero 2.1 with NHT B-10D subwoofer
  • Home Theater Amplifier: Marantz SR5009
  • Living Room Speakers: NHT Absolute On-Wall Speakers
  • Living Room Amplifier: Marantz SR7009
  • Outdoor Speakers: NHT O2-ARC
  • Master Bedroom Speakers: KEF T205
  • Master Bedroom Amplifier: Marantz SR5009


Control4’s Wireless Home Automation Solutions were definitely a huge success and shows how far wireless technology has evolved over the years. We could have hoped for a more stable and faster network but the solution that was implemented there was able to get the job done. Our client was very impressed at how smoothly everything operated and how easily we were able to coordinate automation devices to work according to their lifestyle. The AV sounded and looked spectacular and the NHT with Marantz combination if something we are definitely going to be using for a long time to come.