Looking for a projector screen for your home theatre? Look no further! A great projector screen can help you take movie night to the next level and immerse you into a unique viewing experience. Today, you have a variety of projector screens to choose from. To make things easier, based on our expertise we’ve rounded up a list of our favorites.

1. Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro

Sleek and back-lit, the Zero Edge Pro is perfect for all those of you who are looking out for a great entertainment experience! Its Built in LED channel provides for optional back-lighting. From screen size and material to bezel colour, the Zero Edge Pro can be customized to fit perfectly in your space. The best part, this screen rejects ambient light from above, below, and on both sides. You no longer have to retreat to a dark room to enjoy movies, TV shows and gamming. The screen also eliminates reflected light from spilling back onto the walls, eliminates the need for blacking out these adjacent walls.

2. Screen innovations Solo 2

The biggest little screen in the world! The Solo 2 fit’s a 160-inch motorized screen that fits in a cassette just under 4.75-inches. This motorized projection screen is customizable and is designed with two motor options; Lithium Rechargeable or Low-Voltage. It does not require electricity. With a resolution up to 8K this screen is definitely a must have!

3. Elite Screens Sable Frame B2

With its 100-inch size and 16:9 aspect ratio, you can enjoy movies and TV shows in all kinds of video formats. This screen comes with supports for 4K and 3D videos. It is easy to set up. The thick black border on the side absorbs the projector overshoot to give you a clean, theatre-like viewing experience.

4. Draper Acumen Recharge V Electric Projection Screen

Draper projection screens have been around since 1957. They have always been stepping it up with their high quality solutions and products. They provide a wide range of motorized, manual, fixed, and portable screens for front and rear projection. The Acumen Recharge V Electric Projection Screen  with 4K and 8K resolution provides sharp detailed images. Available in customizable sizes, the screen can be controlled wirelessly with the help of an app, Google Home or Alexa.

5. Stewart Flimscreen Carbaret

Modern and Sleek the Carberet definitely makes it to the list. This impressive 16K+ imaging surface is beautifully finished in a hand rubbed automotive lacquer. The screen is a perfect fit for residential as well as corporate spaces. Pick any current or classic car finish, or go with standard glossy Jet Black, Cosmic White, Scandalous Red, or Crater Lake Blue. This Carberet is sure to complement any modern space! The LED optional lighting system adds contrast to the screen image. It also provides a visual aesthetic to any room. With the help of custom wall brackets, the screen can be positioned away from the wall so deployment does not interfere with wall decor.  

If you’re new to the home theatre experience or just require any guidance, feel free to contact us.