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In a nutshell, a very serious Home Theater Enthusiast wanted to ensure he had the best cinematic experience for his new duplex apartment on the 58th Floor of a luxurious high-rise building in Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Products Used

  • Audio
    • Pen Audio Sinfonietta Signature (Front Left and Front Right Speakers)
    • Pen Audio Rebel 2 Centre (Center Channel)
    • James Loudspeaker QX530 (Side Surround)
    • James Loudspeaker QX806BE (Rear Surround)
    • James Loudspeaker QX1020 (Subwoofers)
    • Audiocontrol Concert XR-6 (AV Receiver)
    • Audiocontrol Avalon G4 (Power Amplifier for LCR)
    • Audiocontrol RS1000 (Subwoofer Amplifier)
    • MiniDSP 2x4HD
    • Tributaries SP812UL 12 AWG Speaker Wire
  • Video
    • Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242 (Video Processor)
    • Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio with Slate 1.2 Acoustically Transparent Fabric
    • JVC DLA-RS1100
    • Tributaries UHDT-150 18Gbps High-Speed HDMI Cable
    • Tributaries UHDP-015 18Gbps High-Speed HDMI Cable
  • Automation
    • Savant SHR-2000 Smart Host
    • Savant Pro Remote X2
  • Rack
    • Middle Atlantic ERK-3525KD
    • Middle Atlantic CBS-ERK-25
    • Middle Atlantic VFD-35
  • Seating
    • Cineak Largo with custom Uniko Fabric


Considering our initial challenges, we were thrilled with the final outcome of this project. We used the MiniDSP UMIK-2 with the Room EQ Wizard Software and a MiniDSP 2×4 HD to perform a subwoofer calibration. We then proceeded to use Dirac Room Calibration software to maximize the performance of all our speakers, even with the acoustical challenges. And lastly, we performed an ISF Video Calibration of the JVC DLA-RS1100 with the Lumagen Video Processor to produce the most dynamic, stunning 4K Visuals.
To say our client was impressed would be an understatement. And in this project, we even pushed ourselves to the limit to ensure no stone was left unturned to create a larger-than-life cinematic experience in a very challenging space.