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The 10 Best Devices to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

With the Internet of Things here to stay many home owners are joining the smart home revolution. We see a lot of newly renovated home incorporating home automation and wanted to share a few products which we think truly enhance the smart home experience…Learn more..

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Avenue Sound has carried out an exceptional job in consulting and building my home theatre. Their work is outstanding and the best in India.

- Arfeen khan

The Pink House, Media Room with the Ultimate Streaming Set Up in Fashionable Lokhandwala Apartment

During our first visit to this apartment we knew speaker placement would be challenging. The client wanted to combine their living room and create a media space with a 5.1 surround sound system and projector with motorized projection screen. The long length of the space dedicated for our setup combined with the narrow width made achieving the ideal listening angle for the front LCR speakers from our seating position less than ideal. The surround speakers would also need to be placed on the back wall facing towards the front speakers instead of the traditional side wall placement facing towards the listeners sitting position..Read more..