Home Automation – You say Lazy, I say productive

Every advancement that humans have ever made was an attempt to replace an old process or product with one that does more or works better. Since the invention of the first stone tools, invention and improvement have been what separate us from any other animal in the history of the world. The idea of [...]

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Amazon Echo vs Google Home – Which one’s better for you?

Amazon Echo, a smart speaker with intelligent personal assistant by Amazon powered through Alexa for voice interaction, music playback, weather, news update, set reminders, make to-do-list and other real time information. Echo is cylindrical in shape with top half inch of the unit rotating to control the speaker volume and also has a ring which [...]

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Small hacks to make your home secure and cost effective

  Imagine you are going out of town and have to leave your house safe and away from intruders. These cost effective small hacks will make your home secure and give you peace of mind. It's easier than you think! Peephole camera Front door being the basic in home security must allow you to [...]

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Living with Home Automation…and Loving it! A Woman’s Point of View

When my husband wanted to install a Home Automation system in our newly renovated apartment, I admit, I was not as excited as he expected me to be. In my head I imagined a lot of tearing down of newly furnished rooms and re-arranging furniture , all to do things that I had anyway [...]

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What’s the Future of The Internet of Things

Smartphones, wearables, voice and gesture control vie for marketshare amid entrenched touchpanels and keypads. Lets weigh pros and cons of each. The most important part of any home technology system is its interface. If a user is confused on how to operate his lighting, music, television, alarm system or shades, the chances are he [...]

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The 10 Best Devices to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

With the Internet of Things here to stay many home owners are joining the smart home revolution. We see a lot of newly renovated home incorporating home automation and wanted to share a few products which we think truly enhance the smart home experience.   Control4 EA Series Controllers   These new controllers can [...]

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