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Technical Meets Traditional in this 7.2 Channel Dedicated Home Cinema Setup at an Erode Private Residence


Home Theatre and Audio




On first look at the space our customer wanted to convert into a dedicated Home Theater Room we were delighted to see the dimensions were perfect for a home theater space. The room had a large width which would give us two rows of comfortable seating and a 45 to 60 degree listening angle from our front speakers for every seat in the house. This was to be the main viewing area for television and movie watching for the entire residence. Our clients wanted this dedicated cinema space to be there primary entertainment zone.

Products Used

  • Amplifier: Emotiva XPA-5
  • Pre-Amplifier: Marants SR5009
  • Subwoofers: James Loudspeaker EMB12
  • Projector: Panasonic PT-AR100U
  • WiFi Access Point: Engenius ECB350
  • Media Player: Apple TV 3rd Generation
  • Speaker Cable: Tributaries 12 AWG Speaker Wire
  • HDMI Cables: Tributaries UHDP-010B
  • Digital to Analog Converter: FiiO D3 Digital to Analog Converter
  • Front LCR Speakers: James Loudspeaker 630OW
  • Side Surround Speaker: James Loudspeaker 630OW
  • Rear Surround Speakers: James Loudspeaker 630OW
  • Home Automation Controller: Control4 HC-250
  • Universal Remote Control: Control4 SR-260
  • Stereo Analog Cables: Tributaries 4A-010B
  • Optical Cable: Tributaries 2AO-010B
  • RCA to XLR Cables: Emotiva RCA to XLR 3 Meter Cable
  • Network Switch: Netgear GS108PE 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Projection Screen: Da-Lite 70319V Cinema Contour 137” Diagonal Motorized Projection Screen


This system was the best dedicated home theater room we had designed up till now. The James Loudspeaker 630OW are some of the most expressive and detailed speakers we have listened to till date. At their price point they can make even the most learned audiophile have a second listen. Our client was thrilled with the cinematic experience and till date uses his room almost every day for all his entertainment experiences.