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Powai Duplex Penthouse Apartment with an Amazing Media Room and Smart Lighting and Window Shadings with Control4 Home Automation Solutions


Home Automation

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When the architect designing this residence initially approached us for this custom integration, we thought it would be a very basic installation of smart lighting and AV integration of the client’s Bose System. Soon the clients liked the solutions which were possible so much they added a Media Room, Motorized Window Shadings, and Lighting Control for the entire top floor of their Duplex Apartment. Let’s take a better look into where we started and how we finally finished.

Products Used

  • Control4 EA-1 Home Automation Controller
  • Control4 SR-260 Universal Remote Control
  • Control4 C4-DIN-8RELSW-E 8 Channel Relay
  • Sony X75F 65’’ 4K Smart Television with HDR
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Tributaries UHDP-010 1 Meter 4K 18Gbps Passthrough HDMI Cable
  • Control4 C4-DIN-8APD-E 8 Channel Adapter Phase Dimmer
  • Control4 C4-KC240 Wireless Decora Keypad
  • Bose Lifestyle 650 Wireless Surround Sound System
  • Epson EH-TW9400 4K Upscaling Projector
  • Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite Wireless Access Point
  • Tributaries UHDP-030 3 Meter 4K 18Gbps Passthrough HDMI Cable
  • Screen Innovations 94’’ Solo 2 Motorized Projection Screen with Pure Grey .85 Gain Fabric


I think the Final Verdict is very easy to see in the video we have posted with the Homeowner of this residence. He truly describes the integration best when he mentions that Home Automation was initially “supposed to be a luxury, slowly [as he] started using it became more of a comfort, and now as you use it more you feel it is a necessity.” It becomes obvious how easily making your home a bit smarter and fine-tuning certain spaces products can make to your everyday life better!