For Home Security and Surveillance, consumers can choose between wireless or wired security systems however what’s better for your space? Wired vs wireless security? Let us understand and consider few options before making a decision.

Installation of a wired system is a time consuming process compared to wireless systems where the latter needs little time and effort. Running wires across the house for CCTV cameras need a lot of time however wireless CCTV cameras, bio-metric door locks, alarm system and other devices just needs to be hooked to your WiFi network. Also don’t forget the effort needed to hide those wires.

Let us also consider relocating your cameras or the entire system. A wireless security system needs almost no efforts since the devices just needs to be detached and plugged to the new location. Imagine you are moving to a new house, you don’t have to rewire and hide the cables hence it’s a lot easier to set up a wireless system.

Wired vs wireless security? Both security systems costs about the same however wiring a large area can be extremely time consuming and not so pocket friendly specially when you also have to cover the wiring. A wired system is considered to be safer compared to a wireless security system since the only way to access the system is through physically breaching or cutting the wire on the other hand wireless systems can be remotely accessed through the internet or the WiFi network they are connected to. Hence protecting a wireless system needs little extra effort.

Viewing the feed on your smart devices will be much easier in the case of wireless security systems since wired systems are complicated to gain remote access.

Last but not the least, firmware and future updates! Wired devices do get frequent updates compared to wireless systems. If you want your device to communicate well with your overall system, it’s highly recommended to have an up to date device which will get future updates.

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