Wired vs wireless home automation? Read to find out which one’s best for you.

We are sure before you start you will have a few questions like:-

  • Wired or wireless?
  • Is it possible for a finished home?
  • When can I plan to start?

Yes!!! “We Electronically Engineering The Way You Live

If your house is already finished or have you just started with the layout, we have solutions for both.

Wired Home Automation:-

Because wired systems don’t rely on sensors that communicate through radio frequency, they are extremely reliable. After a professional does the initial setup of a wired system, there are limited possibilities to have to worry about. For lighting control Wired Keypads can be used and you have a wide range to select from. They are reliable and consistent. Once wired keypads have been laid with the correct wiring, they can be used for multiple rooms and multiple lighting scenes.


Installing wired automation systems is difficult and involves connecting sensors with low-voltage wires that are inside walls, therefore, holes must be drilled. A wired automation system equipment is also painful to uninstall because you cannot remove the wires. Re-installing a wired system involves running completely new wiring.

Wireless home Automation:-

Installed Quickly. Equipment installation is easy with a wireless automation system because there is no drilling or tricky wiring. In most cases, wireless systems are DIY, which eliminates costly installation fees. Easily Removable. Because there are no wires to rip out of walls or professionals to call for uninstallation, wireless system equipment is incredibly easy to remove. This is especially beneficial for renters who can move their automation systems to new living areas without fear of damaging their rental units


Vulnerable to Interference. Though very uncommon, wireless automation systems are susceptible to interference just like Wi-Fi randomly disconnects or cell phones can’t find signals. Whether the interference is electromagnetic through remote controls or power lines, or structural through walls or metal filing cabinets, there are several things can cause a sensor’s radio frequency communication to fail.

Wired vs wireless home automation – Both have pros and cons of their own. If you still any more doubts, feel free to contact us.