With the advent of the internet in the last 2 decades, it is unofficially accepted that the internet has become the fourth basic need for everyone after food, clothing, and shelter. The Internet has opened numerous opportunities for many applications that have made life easy, convenient, and secure for human living. To demonstrate above, with the internet, it has become easy to find the answer to several common questions impossible for a human brain to remember. When it comes to convenience, we have Access Points that can be installed anywhere, let that be in a commercial space or at a residence, to increase the range of the Wi-Fi. For security, we have CCTVs that can be used to monitor our houses where our elderly or infants are staying, and such applications of CCTV are limitless.

What Makes Ubiquiti Stand Among the rest?

With a plethora of brands available who can provide solutions for Wi-Fi Access Points and CCTV, selecting the right option that would be suitable for your requirement is still difficult for some people as they’ve not been educated well about the options available out there in the market which could be the best buy for them. Being updated with the latest technology and having burned our fingers in trying multiple brands, we can blindly trust one brand on which we have our trust and faith is Ubiquiti.
Ubiquiti has been in the industry for around 20 years now, and the range of products they provide is phenomenal. They have a variety of Networking Products like Wi-Fi Access Points, Network Switches, Routers, Racks, etc. and they also have a vast range of CCTVs for every kind of application.

Ubiquiti’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based designs.

Along with providing products, they also have their very own AI-based designing website which helps a user to design Networking & Security solutions. A user simply needs to log in by creating a free account which will enable them tons of features. Once logged in, a new project needs to be created in which a floor plan can be uploaded on the website for it to understand & analyse the floor plan on which desired equipment can be placed and the heatmap or radiation pattern for the same can be visualised. The website allows marking the type of walls present in the layout so that when the devices are placed at the appropriate location, their radiation pattern will change based on the type of wall which will give a real-time approximate measurement of the device’s coverage. To showcase the above features, let’s have a look at a demo project where we place a few Wi-Fi access points and a few cameras to show how it works.

Above is an example of a floor plan where brown lines marked are defined as outer boundary walls which the AI will recognize and accordingly show the radiation for Access Points. Not only Access Points and CCTVs, but we can show the location of the Network Rack and show the wiring from devices to rack. Orange lines shown in the above pictures are indicating the wiring which is done from devices to the network rack.

Just like the above heatmap for Access Points, we can also demonstrate the viewing angle and coverage for CCTVs. The below image is the reference for the same.

Final Verdict

So, this is how the Unifi design center helps an individual in designing Heatmap and CCTV Coverage for their required space. We are aware of how pivotal the internet is in today’s time for work and for communicating with our friends and family. On a similar note, to keep our house & commercial spaces secured and safe, CCTVs are also paramount, and you can’t just blindly trust any brand for your safety. We’ve used Unifi’s products and we have all our faith in the brand, and undoubtedly can recommend anyone to use their products.


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