When someone hear’s about the Apple TV for the first time, they automatically assume Apple has entered the television manufacturing market. The Apple TV is a device that transforms your television into an Apple Hub, allowing all the same content you are so used to having on your Apple devices now available on your television.

The Apple TV is slightly bigger than an iphone and can be easily tucked away in your media shelf or TV unit going unnoticed. Using its HDMI output it connects your television to your entire network of digital content. You can now look at family photos or videos stored on the cloud, the same way you would watch a TV show or movie on your television screen. There are built-in apps for Apple Movies and Apple Music which allow you to easily purchase your favorite songs and listen to them through your entertainment center, or even rent the latest movie in Full HD and enjoy a home movie experience.

The Apple remote does not require direct line of sight with the unit so you can easily have your Apple TV hidden away and control it. Want to do away with the remote completely? Download the Remote App for your phone and you can avoid having to type or do anything using the Apple remote. You can use the keyboard directly from your phone and have complete control of your Apple TV. The new 4th Generation Apple TV’s even have Siri built-in to the remote. This makes it extremely easy to voice activate apps or launch content by talking directly into the remote.

Once the Apple TV is connected to your Home Network a world of possibilities are launched. Most of us have our favorite songs or playlists stored on our phones. Now you can wirelessly “Airplay” your music to your Apple TV and listen to it through your television speakers or Surround Sound System. The good news is “Airplay” is not limited to only Apple products, even Android devices can wireless stream their music to Apple TV’s by simply downloading a free app such as “AllConnect”.

One feature which is sure to impress is the ability to mirror your Apple devices to your Apple TV. This is perfect for presentations, group discussions, or practically any occasion where you just want what’s on your phone or tablet to be viewable on the big screen for everyone to see. Mirroring not only works with photos and documents, but you can also mirror a game you might be playing or a movie which you downloaded to your phone.

Apple TV comes with a variety of apps pre-loaded on it. A true media station in every sense of the word, it makes it very easy to search and watch YouTube videos directly on your television using its built-in YouTube app. The YouTube app is a real family favorite, especially if there are any children in the household. Another family favorite is the Netflix App. With Netflix now officially being launched in India, you can watch an entire media library of content anytime on your television through Netflix. The Apple TV supports Full HD 1080P and 5.1 Surround Sound so you get a serious home cinema experience.

One of our favorite apps for the Apple TV is the Plex App. Plex is a software which catalogs and organizes all of your media stored in a NAS or computer. Just install Plex Media Server on your PC or NAS and keep all your favorite movies, music, family photos, and much more stored in one location. With Plex you can send any content from your NAS Box or PC through the network to any Apple TV in your residence. So you could be watching Season 6 of “Game of Thrones” in your Bedroom while the kids are watching the latest Captain America movie in the hall. The Apple TV combined with Plex makes multi-zone video an easy and extremely affordable solution.

The Apple TV is certainly not the only option available to choose from for media players which transform your television into a digital experience center, but the Apple TV does not compromise on reliability and user friendliness. It also carries a very affordable price tag, making it one of the most useful buys for your digitally connected home.

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