• What is home automation? 
  • How does it work?  
  • Why is there so much hype about it? 
  • Can it help me save on my electricity bills? 
  • Is it even cost-effective? 

Are you one of those too, who’s struggling to find legit answers to these common questions about the automation industry? Well, you’re not struggling alone. But it ain’t that complicated as it sounds to us. 

When we are talking about home automation solutions, everything that we can read or hear about it can be so over the top, that it can leave one overwhelmed and we still understand nothing about it. Let’s start with the basics and try to understand what is home-automation in the simplest terms possible. 

Imagine this, what if you had the power to control everything around you with a single voice command or one remote device? How cool would that be? “Did you just say everything?” Yes! You could have someone working for you 24/7 and that too, without any complaints! Well, except for a few tasks that you’ll have to rely on only yourself to complete such as, you’ll still have to hit that gym to shed some weight or complete your assignments all by yourself. But for most of the menial tasks, you will be hands-free and you will have the power to orchestrate everything around you according to your will. 

You could almost automate your entire home and get it functional dedicated to your voice-commands. Still wondering how?  

Let’s watch this video and see how this gorgeous apartment in South Mumbai automated their home? 

Scheduling Automation at South Mumbai Residence

                                                   (tap on the image to watch the video)

Let’s watch how a luxurious villa in Alibaug enhanced their living experience by embracing easy living with home-automation solutions. 

                                                      (tap on the image to watch the video)

Not that these video examples give us a pretty good clarity and relevant understanding about the home-automation experience, let’s understand what all you can automate in your home. 

Home security systems:

This can prove to be the most important advantage of home automation solutions. You can automate cameras, smart door locks, smart doorbells and emergency alarm devices through a single device.  Getting out of your comfort and physically visiting your guest at the door can be such a pain. What if you could do all that without moving an inch? With smart doorbells, you can watch and talk to someone outside your door through your phone itself. And you can control your smart door locks too! 

Automated control system of devices & appliances:

“Hey, Alexa! Switch on the lights, please. Hey Alexa, increase the fan speed. Alexa, it’s getting too hot, switch on the A/C please.” This is how most of your conversations sound when you can control everything around you at a single voice-command. Ain’t this such a privilege? 

Energy Efficiency:

Another great advantage of automated control systems is that it’s highly energy-efficient. When devices are connected via a network you can control them through your smartphone. You can also schedule a specific set of timings for each device separately. You can set timers for your devices to turn off automatically when not in use. With smart devices, you could also track your energy units consumed by each device. And all this can be controlled through a single tap of your smartphone. 

We know that you might be pretty excited and intrigued to experience these amazing home automation solutions by now. Well, most of our clients were excited too and gave it a shot! And, it’s been an easy living for them ever since. 

Let’s see what our clients have to say about this brilliant innovation.  

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