Hidden Home Theater


What started as a basic surround sound system for this Ocean Front Walkeshwar apartment in Mumbai going under renovation, turned into one of the most challenging projects we have had a chance to work on till date. Our clients for this residence were very enthusiastic about the latest in technology and innovative concepts for the home. After experiencing the many solutions we had to offer in our showroom, they fell in love with the idea of turning their weekend home into a cutting edge fully automated residence with a Hidden Home Theater.  


Home Automation

a Doorbird Doorstation was integrated at the front entrance so that the home owners would receive a notification on their smart phones whenever the bell was rung.  Starting from the entrance, one of the custom features we added was to automatically turn on the entrance indoor and outdoor lights when the doorbell button on the Doorbird Doorstation was pressed if it was night time. We also programmed customized voice commands using the Amazon Echo Dot to easily turn on the home theater and any particular source, turn off the home theater, set a custom lighting scene and more.

Hidden Home Theater

Audio Video

A serious Home Cinema Experience was the original reason the home owners of this residence approached us for this project. The living room would serve as an entertainment lounge as well as a Full Scale Home Cinema with a Projector and Projection Screen to complement the 5.1 Surround Sound System. To maximize space, we designed the Front LCR speakers to be placed In-Wall behind the Front Projection Screen. For a Hidden Home Theater, the Home Owner suggested a solution to hide their projector inside a boxing which would fit the décor of the room, and only have a small hole cut for the projector lens to project the image.


Network and Media Streaming

With the large number of networked devices in this system, a very strong network infrastructure was needed to ensure the system responded instantaneously and maintained constant uptime. Our home owners relied heavily on the automation system for control of the residence, while home or away. We did not want to use a brand of networking hardware which could result in an unstable system. We integrate our go-to brand for Networking and Wifi, Ubiquiti. Apple TV’s were installed in both the living room and bedroom so that a variety of streaming options were available to our clients. 

Products used

  • Home Automation Controllers: Control4 EA-1
  • Universal Remote Control: Control4 SR-260
  • Motorized Window Shadings Control: Axxess RCS6
  • Lighting Control: Control4 C4-DIN- 8DIM-E
  • Voice Control: Amazon Echo Dot
  • HVAC Control: Card Access Z2IR
  • NAS: Synology DS216Play
  • Blu-Ray Player: Pioneer BDP-180
  • HDMI Cables: Tributaries UHDP-010K, Tributaries UDHP-150K
  • Home Theater Speakers: BIC America M-PRO6W In-Wall Speakers, BIC America MSR-PRO6
  • In-Wall Keypad: Control4 C4-KCB- BL
  • In-Wall IPad: Apple IPad Mini 2
  • In-Ceiling Speakers with BIC America V1020 subwoofer
  • Home Theater Amplifier: Pioneer VSX-930- K
  • Bedroom Speakers: BIC America MSR-PRO6
  • Video Door Phone: Doorbird D101
  • Smart Lock: Yale YRD-220
  • Media Player: Apple TV 4 th Generation
  • Subwoofer Interconnect: Tributaries 2AD-030B
  • Fan Control: Matterlink Multi-X with Pecham F2 Universal Fan Speed Controller
  • IPad Mount: Vidabox Ipad Mini Mount

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