The COVID-19 corona virus has definitely became a prime concern causing terror, fear as well as disrupt in most people’s daily routine. Touch free voice control is something that can definitely benefit us at the moment. Voice control can help avoid commonly touched surfaces like remotes and switches. According to a new ABI research, voice control could take over other forms of smart home interface. In short term, it would be advised to avoid touching any surfaces without using disinfectant. This includes door handles, knobs, light switches, remote controls, and thermostats. Also, toilets and faucets in the bathroom and kitchen.

Besides controlling smart devices, voice activated control can be used to shop online and make sure these products are delivered without face-to-face human interaction. Such delivery capabilities are especially beneficial for those who are unwell or are already in-home quarantine.

Voice control can be of assistance at the moment

Companies like Google and Amazon Alexa have improved their various platforms to prevent misinformation and make sure users are directed to correct news outlets. Here, are a few more ways voice control could make a big difference over the coming weeks.

Voice calls

Feeling isolated at the moment? Are you working from home or simply wish to stay connected with friends and family? Most users do not use this already existing feature. This could be the best time to check on your loved ones by making voice calls and sending messages using a smart speaker. 

Set Reminders

Voice Control

If you are already in-home quarantine you can use smart speakers to set reminders and complete pending chores. If you have kids at home you can set reminders making sure they wash their hands every few hours. Voice assistants can connect to games, streaming services and the internet. This is the perfect time to play games, watch movies and TV shows and try other indoor activities.

Reduce surface contact around the house

This is one of the biggest advantage of voice activated control. Voice commands help you avoid touching places that get heavy traffic during the day – buttons, smart phones, light switches, locks, remotes and phones. This helps to minimize the spread of germs!

Voice control can provide us with the help we need right now. However, the report does see voice control becoming the de facto control method due to the virus over the long term. “Precautions for COVID-19 will bring new routines into many millions of people’s daily lives in and around their homes,” says the report. Voice control can be used to improve the daily routine within the home. It can also be used to reduce contact with frequently touched surfaces as well as securing and automating home deliveries.

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