Home Automation for Valentine’s Day? Do away with crowded restaurants and last minute hotel reservations. Woo your partner with a pre planned hi tech date night. Your smart home can be a perfect place for you to enjoy a romantic dinner date or a comfortable movie night. Create a music playlist and perfect lighting to suit the mood. A smart home lets you control music, temperature, lighting and so much more. With a simple click of a finger, show your partner how much you care by taking into consideration every detail to create the perfect date night!

Mood Lighting

Lights help a lot in setting a mood. It can improve the feel of any home. Smart lighting not only helps to create an ambiance but it is also convenient. You can control lighting in your home with the help of your smart phone. A single click of the finger can switch on or turn off all the lights in your home. You can simply dim the lights while you’re enjoying your meal and having a cosy conversation. You can opt for coloured lights such as red or orange, helping the room feel warm. Change your lighting as per your mood or simply choose a pre-set lighting scene. Create a ‘romantic’ pre-set on your device that helps you handle all your lights.

Home Automation for Valentine's Day

Groove to your favourite tunes

A romantic evening includes not only perfect lighting but also the right tunes. You can simply tell Alexa to play you a love song or a romantic play list. Use your smart device to turn up the volume for a fun jive session with your partner. With a simple voice command, Google Home can play music from Google music, YouTube music and Deezer.

Enjoy movie night

A date night that includes a movie and popcorn is effortless yet romantic. Digitally organize your movie collection as well as TV shows with Plex. Select a movie the two of you enjoy, automatically draw the shades and turn down the lights with a press of a button! You also take a walk down memory lane with  pictures of moments spent together played on the screen.

Cook a meal together

With the help of google home, have fun cooking a meal together. With access to a wide range of recipes and step-by-step guidance, you can simply try out new recipes or stick to your all time favourites. If cooking it not your strong skill, simply have Google home order food for you or make dinner reservations.

To conclude, Home Automation for Valentine’s Day is a great idea! let your smart home provide you with a helping hand.  You won’t have to race around your house adjusting lights, music and temperature.