The viewing experience a TV gives you versus a projector screen completely depends upon the quality of products you buy. Conventionally, a projector screen would be of better quality, but if you choose a low quality projector or a screen you may have a better experience while watching a movie on a TV. But a lot has changed for the better in the 21st century.

Twenty years ago, eons in the technology world, this question was much easier to answer. At that time, most projectors had a hard time outputting large amounts of light. They simply didn’t look very good in rooms that couldn’t be made almost pitch black. The cost of projectors at that time was also exorbitant as compared to TVs. Fast forward to today and both front projectors as well as flat panel TVs are getting better and less expensive every year! We can all probably agree that as long as the picture remains clear, sharp, and with natural colours, bigger is usually better.
Ubiquiti has been in the industry for around 20 years now, and the range of products they provide is phenomenal. They have a variety of Networking Products like Wi-Fi Access Points, Network Switches, Routers, Racks, etc. and they also have a vast range of CCTVs for every kind of application.

There is nothing like a life-size image to make you feel like you are on the field with your favourite athletes or living alongside the characters in the story a film is telling. Very bright 4K front projectors and ultra short throw models are available at reasonable prices today, blurring the lines between the two technologies. Of course, this raises the issue of what to do with the projector and screen when they’re not in use.

On the other side, there’s elegance in simplicity, and your run-of-the-mill TV setup will be far simpler than most projectors. Once you’ve got your TV picked out and know how much space you need for it, you can just plop it right in that space, plug it in, and you’re more or less done. Because that TV isn’t changing size, you don’t have to worry about an adjusting footprint in your living space and how you’re going to accommodate it.

While our recommendation here has covered most of the considerations you need to make when choosing between a TV and a projector, we understand that every application and every customer is different. You may have some specific questions or circumstances that change the equation. If you have read through this article and still feel like you could use some assistance deciding between a TV and a projector for your home, contact us or chat with us and we’ll be happy to help!


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