You can experience the best of audio and video even if you are on a budget. Home theaters are becoming more and more affordably as the years pass by. Many mid-range and inexpensive home theater systems provide great performance and value for money. Similarly, expensive options do not always guarantee an amazing output and may deliver only a marginal increase in performance. One of the common mistakes people make while choosing a home theater system is under or over estimating the required budget. By knowing which products you can skip and which budget buys you can look at, you can save money without having to compromise on quality.

List your priorities

Start off with listing your priorities. Home theaters can range from simple set ups to expensive and lavish dedicated rooms for Tv and movie watching. Here are a few questions you need to answer:

  • How big would you like your viewing screen to be?
  • Will you be spending most of your time watching movies, listing to music or playing video games?
  • Would you like you home theatre system to have Wi-Fi access?


Home Theater on a Budget
You can also refer to product reviews on YouTube

Before purchasing any product make sure to find out how long it will last. Make sure to check out information about the product online. Manufacture sites, comparative reviews and online price and usage guides can help you make the right choice.

Buy the right speakers

‘The bigger the better’ philosophy isn’t applicable here. Speakers are all about the quality of components being used and the way they are set up. If you have a small room, opt for a 5.1 channel set up and before purchasing anything figure out where they will be placed and how the wiring will be done.

Opt for a TV instead of a projector

Buying a projector can increase costs in the long run. Since projectors do not have a back light you will have to invest in black out curtains. At the same time a good 4k projector can be more expensive than a television of the same size. You will also be spending on a projection screen. If you need some help getting started take a look at some of the affordable 4K HDR televisions.

Upgrading the room gradually

To keep initial costs low, keep updating your home theater system gradually. Technology updates constantly. You many not find cutting-edge technology in every product category. If you buy all the products together you may not be able to future proof yourself and may end up needing an upgrade sooner than you thought.

Control your home theater using your smart phone

The Control4 App

You can use a smart phone or a tablet as a universal remote control to manage different devices. You don’t have to buy cheap products, at the same time you do not need to pay a high price for a slight increase in performance. Building a home theater on a budget isn’t as difficult as it may seem. If you still can’t decide on the right home theater system, click here to compare products and get an instant quotation.