Light Up Your life! How Savant Home Systems is Using Lighting Scenes to Improve Health and Wellness

From the bright summer sun to the piercing white LEDs in our local supermarkets- light- both natural and artificial, has a huge impact on our health and wellness. Medical research over the last few years has shown that ambient lighting scenes have a tangible effect on a person’s mood, productivity, quality of sleep and therefore [...]

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Lighting Automation – Home Automation of Your Lighting

I know what you must be thinking…why on earth do I need to automate my lights? Have we become that lazy that we no longer want to get up and flick the light switch on? Do I really want to wake up at 2 am and realize that my automation system is not working [...]

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Next Generation Controllers from Control4

This January, just ahead of the Famous ISE Show in Amsterdam, Control4 decided to launch their new EA Series Controllers. So what is an automation controller and what does it do for your home automation system? Think of the controller as the brain of your automation system. It is what you communicate with when [...]

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