What are some home automation ideas?

What can I automate in my home? The answer? Everything. Yes, you read that right. Especially in this digital age, where we are witnessing the rise in the development of various smart devices, it's possible to automate almost every smart device in your home. If mapped-out wisely, using home automation can prove to be one [...]

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How to Retrofit Home Automation without tearing up the walls

What do you do if you want to make your home or office smart but cannot tear up the walls? With a number of wireless home automation devices available today, retrofitting a system becomes a breeze. We have pointed out some amazing products below which allow you to control all aspects of  your space without [...]

By | July 3rd, 2018|Home Automation, Networking and Wi-Fi|1 Comment

New Age Karaoke Using Apple TV

With the digital age upon us and so many ways to send your pictures and videos to your television or projector, why not karaoke? When one of our clients approached us to find him a solution for playing karaoke through the karaoke app on his phone or through YouTube, we decided to come up [...]

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