Plex brings together all your media in one place making it possible to share with family and friends. You can organize movies, podcast, music and so much more as well as refine it with bios and summaries. Download the Plex media server on any device where your content is stored and simply watch it organize your media for you in the Plex library. You can have access to all your media on any of your devices no matter where you are.

Do you have a super hero movie collection? If yes, you can simply make a collection of similar music or movies so that you can find related content in one place. You are also provided with an option to search your favourite media by simply typing in the name of an actor, year, season and more. You can also start watching TV series and movies right from where you left off with the help of On Deck and the continue watching feature. Enhance your movie watching experience with access to interviews, trailers, behind the scene features and more.

Plex provides you with a variety of other benefits:

  • You can sync your favourite TV shows, movies and music to your mobile phone so that you can enjoy it offline
  • The Plex app on your phone lets you control any Plex player making it easy to use
  • Support for almost any type of file, including hi-fi music and 4k devices.
  • Parental controls make it possible to keep a check on your child’s media access making it kid friendly
  • Easy organization helps you find your classics and favourites
  • You can cast TV shows and movies on to your television or simply start a movie on one device and then switch to another letting you continue right where you let off
  • Navigate your photos easily with the help of tags. You can also add your best photos to favourites. Time line view helps to organize your photos in such a manner that it is pleasing to look at.
  • Optimized versions of your media files are created for smooth and buffer-free streaming
  • Create customized playlists to suit any mood
  • Get access to the most trust worthy news sources with the help of Plex news which is now available on Android TV, Amazon fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS and Android mobile.
  • You can record local news and sports in high definition and save it in your library so that you can enjoy it later even when offline
  • Switch between multiple users with the help of Plex Home.
  • Plex ensures privacy and security for all your media

Plex makes your content engaging with artwork, posters, summaries and more. Using Plex is simple. Install the Plex media server on your desktop which contains all your media and then just install Plex on other devices you wish to use. You can then have access to your favourite media no matter where you are and which device you use. Plex applications are available for every device. Are you ready to stream smarter?