A new South Mumbai restaurant decided to add Smart Lighting, Security and WiFi. Most Restaurants and Hospitality Spaces use lighting as a key attraction to envelop their patrons in the ambiance of the space.  When the owners of this up and coming Italian Restaurant located in the heart of South Mumbai approached Avenue Sound to ensure setting mood lighting was not going to add another chore to their to do list when prepping the restaurant. We had just the solution for them. Let’s take a deeper look into the components which were integrated to make this Restaurant Smart.

Smart Lighting, Security and WiFi

Smart Lighting

The goal was really simple. To enable a single push of a button through a keypad or smart phone to trigger the lights to the perfect mood for that specific time in the restaurant. But what if we did not even have to press that button? What if your smart automation system can schedule lights to go on to a particular scene automatically depending on the time of day?

Smart Lighting, Security and WiFi

Smart Security

Security has become essential now for most public spaces. They provide the owners with the ability to monitor the establishment even while they may be away and provide an extra layer of safety to the establishment. Our clients wanted high resolution IP cameras which would work in low light settings and provide a constant surveillance even after business hours to ensure the space is protected and there is a sense of vigilance.

Smart Lighting, Security and WiFi

Networking and WiFi

Restaurants and Hospitality Spaces are extremely dependent on scalable high-speed networks because of Billing and POS software which is essential for orders to be processed and the establishment to continue to operate seamlessly. A stable and robust network is also essential to ensure the Automation System continuous to perform without delays or hiccups.

Smart Lighting, Security and WiFi

Final Verdict

The owners and staff at the restaurant have been thrilled with how easily they are able to set the mood to welcome their patrons. Everything happens automatically and seamlessly so they can continue with the more important facets of running their restaurant. Customized solutions for customized spaces are crucial to ensuring a project’s success. Smart Lighting, Security and WiFi were seamlessly integrated in this project. We find every space to be different and using the myriad of solutions available to us these days we can create the perfect solution to be the exact fit the client is actually looking for and will regularly use.

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