Imagine you are going out of town and have to leave your house safe and away from intruders. These cost effective smart security hacks will make your home secure and give you peace of mind. It’s easier than you think!

Peephole camera

Front door being the basic in home security must allow you to see who is at the door before opening it. Install Peephole camera on your front door as it’s ideal for viewing visitors before permitting entry.

Doorbird door bell

Imagine you are away from home and a visitor knocks your door or rings the door bell. With wireless Doorbird door bell you will never miss a visitor as you will be informed as soon as the door bell rings, you can speak with visitors and open door for them if needed. It comes with in-built high end motion sensor that can set an alarm without the visitor ringing the bell.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors alerts a user of motion in an area specially of unexpected people. Sensors work when you aren’t home and also notify you if kids or pets are entering restricted area.

Glass break sensors

One of the easiest way for thieves to enter a home is by breaking glass. Now how about having glass break sensors at your home which not only alerts you but also sets an alarm in the house? Doesn’t it sound like ruining a burglar’s plan? Glass break sensors come with unique sound frequency of breaking glass and are easily installed near windows.

Door contact sensors

Typically installed on doors, windows or drawers throughout the house. They come in 2 pieces: One installed at the door and other at Jamb. When the door opens and the pieces move apart, it triggers and alerts the system.

We hope these Smart Security hacks help! Whether you require a Smart Video Doorphone to check who is at your door and when, or motion or glass break sensors to better secure your valuables and loved ones, Avenue Sound can create a customized solution for you. We are your Smart Security and Home Automation Custom Integration Specialists.