Ithink anyone who loves coffee , will agree, that there is nothing quite like that first sip , in the morning. I can’t imagine starting my day without it. But , more often than not, as a full time working mother of a very energetic five year old , I have had to settle for a quick cup of lukewarm instant coffee, to get me through the morning. Or even worse , the stuff that comes out of Nescafe vending machines at work , that they say is coffee, but I have my doubts. When I first heard about the Mr. Coffee® 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew™ Coffeemaker with WeMo®, I was skeptical, because I am unapologetic-ally technologically challenged. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and user friendly this smart coffee maker is. The basics of of the Mr Coffee Coffee maker is simple- it makes a great cup of coffee!

What makes it stand out though, is the way I could make that great cup of coffee even before I get out of bed. The coffeemaker is compatible with Apple (iOS 8.0 and higher) and Android (4.1 and higher) devices. I had to simply plug in the coffeemaker and use my smart phone to download the free WeMo® app from the Apple App Store. (its also available on the Amazon App Store or Google Play). There is a button on the control panel, and LED lights to indicate WeMo® connectivity, to your wireless internet.

Through the WeMo app, I could schedule my morning cup of coffee to start brewing at the same time every morning. The app lets you schedule a few weeks worth of timings. I only had to make sure the water and the beans were loaded in the coffee maker the night before. And of course, the app has scheduled reminders to help me do that. The smart functionality of the WeMo® App also gives a reminder for when you need to change the filter or empty the carafe.

So this way, every morning at the same time, I wake up to a steaming pot of coffee, which is ready for me in the kitchen in around 8 minutes, without having to lift a finger. I can also monitor the brew status from my smart phone so I don’t get out of bed before the coffee’s ready. (Those extra minutes in bed are the best !) Another great feature is that with the app I could program the coffee maker to start brewing a cup , even if I was in the car , on my way home from work,in the evenings.I can also remotely start, stop and adjust brew times or turn off the coffee maker if plans change, or if I get stuck in traffic, on the way home.

On frustrating days in Mumbai when the WiFi is not working , the smart coffee maker can also brew the coffee manually, so its always going to deliver that hot cup of coffee.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the Mr Coffee Coffeemaker. I can’t believe i get to brew a cup of my favorite Italian roast or Java Blue Mountain coffee blend, in the comfort of my own home, just by using my phone. A great buy with a great price point.

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