Multi-zone Audio


A lifestyle store in Santacruz adds Multi-Zone Audio. As with most commercial installations one of our key goals was to precise clarity and sonic accuracy but still not upset the interior elements of the commercial space. To have our speakers blend and not obstruct the commercial elements of the many floors of the showroom, we strategically placed In-Ceiling Speakers in the corners of each of the interior floors of this six storey establishment. The owner also wanted outdoor speakers to be installed for an open sky coffee shop which would be located on the third floor of their showroom.

Multi-Zone Audio


The main requirement for this installation was to provide consistent audio throughout the establishment but not affect customer interaction or dialogue. Keeping this in mind, we would need to maintain the interior floors at a single consistent volume while being able to adjust the volume of the outdoor areas independently from the interior floors. 


Media Streaming

We also the high range Engenius ECB350 Access Points on every floor to ensure there was a consistent WiFi network on every floor. That made it easy to stream music from a phone or tablet directly to the amplifier through the network and also control the amplifier with Pioneer’s iControlAV5 app.

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Final Verdict

The 2-Zone Pioneer Amp well served its purpose allowing the customer to stream music wirelessly and be controlled through the Pioneer app. Volume could be controlled independently for the interior zones and outdoor zones very easily through the app. Musically the NHT Outdoor speakers stood out and delivered a great impact. The BIC America MSR-PRO6 did heir job thoroughly and effectively providing a soothing background music which made the listener’s shopping experience more soothing, rather than proving to be a distraction for them. In Conclusion, we can say that the installation of the Multi-Zone audio was a success.

Products used

  • WiFi Access Point: Engenius ECB350
  • Outdoor Speakers: NHT O2-ARC Outdoor Bookshelf Speakers 125 Watt 2-Way Acoustic
  • Suspension Design Mountable Speakers
  • AV Receiver: Pioneer VSX-930-K 7.2 Channel Network Home Theater AV Receiver
  • In-Ceiling Indoor Speakers: BIC America MSR-PRO6 In-Ceiling Speakers 125-watt 2-way in-ceiling speakers with pivoting titanium tweeters.

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