Have you ever imagined what this world would be without good music? As rightly quoted by one of the most influential figures in jazz, Louis Armstrong – ‘Music is life itself, we all must agree to the fact that music has certainly proven to be an important part of our daily lives. Because why not? It helps us relive our favourite moments. Nothing is more calming & relaxing than listening to your favourite music. And if you’re someone who cherishes music then the all-new redesigned ‘Savant App’ is for you. So what can Savant Music do for you? Let’s read on to find out… 

With the Savant Systems app, you can select which music you want to play and voila! Your entire home is filled with your favourite music tracks. So, let’s see how this entire system works for you. The smartphone or the Savant remote control sends a signal to the Savant IP Server which then further notifies the audio-video receiver or an amplifier, and that’s it! Your music is live! You might wonder how long does it take for the entire process? Well, it all happens in a jiffy. You could even activate music using simple voice commands through virtual assistants like an ‘Alexa’ or ‘Google’. 

Now think of all of the creative ways you can play music and surprise your guests. 

Whole-Home Audio Entertainment

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Hear the music you love as it’s meant to be heard, in ultra-high definition! With whole-house distribution and lossless audio compatibility, Savant Music is ideal for both casual listeners and avid audiophiles. It offers you the liberty to permeate music all across your home at such ease. Open your Savant Systems app, simply select which track you want to play and you will have your entire home singing for you in a few seconds. What makes it even better? You can choose to play music for only specific rooms too. 

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Professional Audio, Personalized

With a whole new look and feel, the Savant Music experience now offers a personalized dashboard, plus the ability to search and create playlists across multiple music services like Spotify, Pandora, and more…

Save your playlists, favourites and preferred streaming services to the music dashboard for quick recall. Get the party going in no time. Search by track title, album, artist, or any other keyword – across all streaming services at once, from one simple interface. Get right to the music right away. 

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Savant’s playlist will get you grooving… 

The new Savant Music experience will make everyone feel like dancing. Get in on the excitement and check out their playlists on Spotify or Deezer. 

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Set personalized scenes 

Add a personalized playlist to any Savant Scene for a soundtrack to match any moment, in perfect harmony with the rest of your smart home experience. You can create those motivational beats for your workout sessions, jazz melodies for your date nights, or some ambient music for your calm evenings and more..by simply using your smartphone… 

Take away note: 

If music for you is something more than just listening, then using Savant Systems is an ideal choice for you. With its seamless streaming services and high-definition audio output, immerse yourself into a magical experience every time you plug n’ play. 

Let’s watch this video below to watch Savant Music in action.