Speaking from personal experience in AV integration, I have seen many customers put in a very difficult position because of poor pre-wiring. The cons of running additional wiring could be many, but lets just focus on the prerequisite for pre-wiring so that you receive maximum efficiency and performance. Hopefully, these inputs will be beneficial to save a lot of time and effort, ensuring a better finished solution.

AV Integration is not always about high powered amplification. It is a bond with other technology and infrastructure, and if perfectly done, it can really generate the wow factor in any commercial or residential space. Below are just a few tips for pre-wiring your space.

1. Covering and insulation of cables

Case in point the HDMI cable. Not every one working on the project knows the importance of taking care of a cable like this. But to ensure the cable is safe its recommended to cover the tips of the connector and then tape them.  This ensures that the cable not damaged or filled with paint or dust debris in it. Always ensure that a cat 6 cable is run along with the HDMI just as a source of backup, in case the cable is damaged or becomes obsolete in the future.

2. Proper planning of CAT6 wiring

Due to the dependency of wireless technology the cat6 is considered as the backbone of any network infrastructure. Always make sure the cables are run in the right quantity and length considering the devices planned to be installed present and in the near future. One of the prerequisite for pre-wiring is always make sure that all the cables are well labelled to ensure that correct cables are at the right location.

3. Termination of cables

The termination process is one of the most crucial and important steps for efficient functioning of all devices on the network. Termination is done to ensure that there is no connectivity loss on the network, no humming sound emitted out of the speaker, or loose wiring emitting current on the rack or AV equipment

4. Wire management and Documentation

To ensure simplicity and versatility for troubleshooting it’s always good practice to properly wire manage your cables. All power and data cables should be sorted separately so that they don’t interfere in any of their functions or cause electrical interference. Documentations will always be the final and most important requisite in prewiring planning. Well labelled and documented wiring will always be a point of reference for anyone attempting to diagnose this particular system.

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