Ever want to add something to your home network and wish you had run an extra cat6 cable to that location? Well we wanted to share a great little device which will help you stay wired without ripping apart your walls to run a cat6 cable. Powerline adapters are a great little device which can carry your Ethernet connection directly through the powerline. You can plug one adapter into a plug point next to your router or network switch, and its counterpart adapter into a plug point wherever you were hoping to have a wired connection. Next you connect one small ethernet cable to the first device’s LAN Port, and the other end of the cat6 into a free LAN port on our router or network switch. Similarly on the counterpart adapter, you connect one ethernet cable into the LAN port on the counterpart’s device and another into the Ethernet port of the device you want to give a wired Ethernet connection to. And voila! You have a stable wired Ethernet connection coming to a device where you have originally never guessed possible. Take a look at the image above for a pictorial description of how this is achieved.

We’ve noticed in a lot of our installations, our clients try and improve their WiFi range by adding wireless repeaters across their residence. In our experience, these repeaters cause unstable network conditions and also really slow down your WiFi. If you break down this type of technology, what you are essentially doing is taking around 50 or 60%, or sometimes even less, of your original WiFi signal and repeating that half strength signal to another location. Imagine repeating this signal two or three times. Your last repeater is basically only repeating 10% of your full bandwith, and moreover, wirelessly. With powerline Ethernet adapters, you can space these around your home power outlets similar to repeaters and attach WiFi access points or buy powerline adapters with WiFi Built In to strengthen your WiFi network. This makes for a much more stable connection and ensures each device is getting the maximum bandwith possible throughout your residence.

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