Multi-Zone Audio Video streaming


For this full floor apartment we had a lot of space to work with. The client wanted to have quality channel music which could be streamed to any room in the residence and a dedicated media room with a 5.1 Home Theater Setup. The bedrooms and main living room were easily integrated with In-Ceiling Speakers that would work well with acoustical challenges residential spaces present.

Multi-Zone Audio Video streaming

Audio Video

The Media Room proved to be quite challenging. After carefully studying the layout and considering the acoustics of the space we finalized the NHT IC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speakers for the front and rear speaker positions along with the NHT Super 8 Subwoofer to complete the 5.1 Setup. For Multi-Zone Audio Video streaming we set up Apple TV 4th Generation Media Players in every bedroom and for the Media Room. The Apple TV’s in each bedroom were then connected to the RTI 4-Zone Amplifier which allowed the client to be able to airplay music to any room independently and control volume in each room independently as well.


Network and Media Streaming

Multi-Zone Audio Video streaming requires a reliable network connection. We stuck with one of the most reliable brands we know for solid network throughput, D-Link. The D-Link DIR-816 was set up to serve as an Access Points so that a fast and efficient WiFi Network which can be easily roamed from any location was at the client’s disposal. For LAN distribution we installed three Netgear GS108PE 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with 4 Port POE.

Multi-Zone Audio Video streaming


As we continue to perform custom integrations of AV and Home Automation one of the most important factors for our clients has been security. This project in Powai was no different in that regard either. The client wanted to ensure they could remotely view different areas in their residence and high quality video footage was being recorded in those areas. Since the client chose to have their Home Automation solution done by RTI, we had to choose a brand of cameras which was compatible with their system.

Multi-Zone Audio Video streaming

Final Verdict

The NHT speakers in the media room definitely impressed with the Marantz Amplifier when listening to them in multi channel, and the performed better than expectations while watching movies. The BIC America HT-8C ceiling speakers in the living room and bedrooms were great performers. The home automation system made it very easy to choose which zone to play music and allowed volume to be easily adjusted in any of the rooms.

Products used

  • AV Receiver: Marantz SR5010
  • WiFi Access Point: D-Link DIR-816
  • Speaker Cable: Monoprice 16 AWG Speaker Wire
  • HDMI Extractor: ViewHD HDMI Extractor
  • Hard Drive: Seagate 8TB Internal 3.5” Hard Drive
  • Media Room Center Speaker: NHT IC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speaker
  • Media Room Surround Speakers: NHT IC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Network Switch: Netgear GS108PE 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Media Player: Apple TV 4th Generation
  • HDMI Cables: Tributaries UHDP-010B
  • Stereo Analog Cables: Tributaries 4A-010B
  • NAS: Synology DS713+
  • Media Room Subwoofer: NHT Super 8 Subwoofer
  • Multi-Zone Speakers: BIC America HT-8C In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Media Room Front Speakers: NHT IC2-ARC In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Master Bedroom Surround Sound: Yamaha YAS-203 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

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