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The clients for this project approached us to discuss smart home solutions for their residence. The developer for this high rise building provided our clients with GM smart lighting and Window Shading Solutions with a KNX backbone. Our clients would require a smart home solution which integrated their Home Theater Solutions, Ligthing, Window Shadings, Security and more into an easy to operate solution from their smart phone and through voice activated control. 

Audio Video Solutions

Audio Video

This spacious 3 Bedroom Residence consisted of two main entertainment zones. One would be a cozy den room with a large 65’’ Sony 9500 Series Television in which the family hoped to house a surround sound entertainment system with Immersive Audio and create an everyday tv watching vibe. The second zone would be the main entertainment zone which was also the Living Room.


Home Automation

Keeping in mind our client’s requirements to keep an easy to use smart phone application as the main source of control, we recommended Control4. The system would easily integrate with the KNX Backbone by GM and give the users a visual presentation on their smart app to what they are controlling. Control4 offered our customers the ability to easily select which room they want to control and operate the respective Lighting, HVAC, Window Shadings, and Audio/Video for that particular room.

Smart security

Smart Security

Like a lot of the projects we integrate, security is one of the most important considerations in the smart home. This project was no different. We integrated Hikvision Full 1080p HD IP Cameras in all rooms except for the Master Bedroom. Our clients can easily open their Control4 app and view what is happening in every room and use their HikVision NVR to go back and check recordings. A special HikVision IP Camera with two-way audio was also placed in the children’s room in case our clients needed to say something to someone in the room or hear what is being said along with the video.

Wifi and Networking

Networking and WiFi

As you can imagine, a project or this level with the amount of integrated devices, requires a strong and stable network as its backbone. We provisioned the entire network backbone using Ubiquiti Networking Switches and Access Points. For the Access Points we used the Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Lite and strategically placed two access points in the ceiling for maximum coverage and bandwith. The extremely fast and robust US-24-250W POE Network Switch was used for speed inter-connectivity between the local IP devices. 

Home Theater solutions

Final Verdict

The homeowners were thrilled with being able to watch a movie or sporting event on the big screen every weekend and use their Den for everyday watching. The 4K HDR on the Sony Television was especially impressive, along with the immersive audio experience from the RBH Speakers. Life definitely became easier being able to control everything from their smart phones. Just another example which shows making your home smarter makes everyday life much easier.

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