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Dedicated Home Theater, Outdoor Audio and Seamless Ubiquiti WiFi Indoors…Spacious Alibaug Residence Adds the Finishing Touches


This particular client has been a long-time customer of ours and we have worked on multiple residential projects for them in the past. Very familiar with our process, offerings and most importantly what they were looking for, it made our integration process that much easier. One important factor to note about this project is our clients are very serious about their audio. They recognize good audio and want to ensure they are surrounded with the best possible audio experiences for their spaces. Their Alibaug Vacation Home gave us the perfect opportunity to showcase our best audio offerings and install a perfect balance of Indoor and Outdoor WiFi for a seamless roaming network throughout their spacious property. 


Our clients have a large family and they all like to listen to music. Music spread out throughout the Entertainment Zones was a major priority for them. They wanted a Dedicated Media Room where they could enjoy a Movie Night or even listen to good quality 2 Channel Audio. 

We created a Dedicated Media Room with a RBH Sound 5.2.2 Immersive Audio Experience powered by the Audiocontrol AVR-7 AV Receiver and visuals on the terrific 65 Inch Sony LED Television. The RBH R-55 Towers are such solid performers and truly shine whether the content was a movie on Netflix or some of our client’s favorite soundtracks. The room was well constructed with our design inputs to the architects to ensure we did not have to deal with lots of reverberation, especially in the low frequencies. Two RBH S-10 10’’ subwoofers rounded out the setup and ensured consistent bass to the entire row of seating.  

In the Living Room we combined the RBH BT-100 Bluetooth Amplifier with BIC America DV32 Satellite Speakers. The RBH Amp easily powers these compact and aesthetically pleasing speakers and allows easy connectivity for our clients to play music from their smartphones when entertaining guests in their living room. 

One of our favorite elements in this project is the Near IG 44.1 DSP All Weather Audio System we installed around the swimming pool and outdoor lawn. The sound quality from these speakers is mind blowing and easily the best outdoor speakers we have ever had the pleasure of listening to. The powerful Near 3XL Amplifier with built-in DSP allowed us to calibrate the setup to ensure accurate listening throughout the entire space and the IGS100M underground subwoofer provided the deep articulate bass required to provide great sound staging.

Let’s watch this video to see how the media room works at this villa.


Networking and WiFi:

A robust WiFi and Network is a must in any home nowadays, any even more in the remoteness of the great outdoors of this Alibaug Home’s location. WiFi Access Points were placed indoors, outdoors, in the utility shed. Essentially everywhere imaginable to ensure our clients had a seamless roaming network so that they may easily stroll through the property while being on the same network with the same SSID (Name) and not face drop offs or disconnects when they traverse from one access point to another. To achieve this type of stability, we only rely on one solution provider for our WiFi and Networking requirements for all of our projects, Ubiquiti Networks. 

The network switch consisted of the Ubiquiti US-24-250W 250-Watt POE (Power Over Ethernet) managed network switch with 24 gigabit ethernet ports. All cameras and access points throughout the residence could be easily powered on through a single category cable. No need for separate power cables to power each device. A neat category cable can be concealed behind or underneath the device to give the appearance that the device if floating on the ceiling or wherever it may be mounted. 

For routing we used the reliable Ubiquiti ER-X. This is our favorite router with 5 gigabit ethernet ports and used in all of our projects. 


Final Verdict:

This project was definitely a challenging one considering the location and ensuring our design and planning was impeccable so our results in the audio reflected the proper planning. 

Knowing how serious our clients for this project are about their audio, we paid special attention to the media room and ensured a surround sound experience and HiFi Listening experience which was extremely accurate and did not feel muddy and not impactful. The client was extremely happy when they first heard the setup and was especially impressed with the sound quality of the RBH Sound Speakers. We believe the Audiocontrol AVR-7 had a lot to do with ensuring such a super final sound stage especially with the in-build Dirac Calibration option.

The Near Speakers which have been retrofitted once the house is completed added a whole new dimension of listening experience for our clients. They can now enjoy pristine audio when using the swimming pool and can also use the entire speaker package to easily host parties and entertainment in their outdoor lawn. The speakers redefine outdoor audio with their durability and build factor, only to be outdone by their actual listening experience. 

The Ubiquiti WiFi has been a solid product in all of our installations till date and this product is certainly no exception. The outdoor WiFi access points easily hold up against the harsh weather conditions of Alibaug and the UniFi controller allows us to easily check in remotely on the network, restart any access points and even run firmware updates. 

Here’s a list of products that were used for this particular project. 

  • Audio – Video
  • AudioControl CONCERT AVR-7 Premium 4K 7.1.4 Home Theater Receiver
  • Apple Apple TV 4K Streaming Media Player
  • RBH Sound R-515 LCR Speakers
  • RBH Sound R55 3-Way High Performance Tower Speaker
  • RBH Sound Ultra-1 18′′ Tall On-wall Speaker
  • RBH Sound S-10 S Series 10″ Powered Subwoofer
  • Near NEARSCAPES IG44.1DSP Complete outdoor audio system with DSP amplifier.
  • Wifi & Networking
  • Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-M-PRO Dual-band Internet Access Point
  • Ubiquiti Networks, Inc ER-X-SFP Advanced Gigabit Ethernet Router
  • Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE Wireless Access Point

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