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Alibaug Vacation Home Adds Serious Wowww! Multi Zone Audio, Private Home Cinema, Renewable Energy and More


Our clients initially approached us after working with us for their apartment in Mumbai. They wanted to add audio solutions to their new vacation home in Alibaug. When we first received the project brief, we imagined a small villa with a requirement for a surround sound experience and a projection system for large screen entertainment. Once we visited the job site for the first time we were blown away by the size of the mansion which was being constructed and the much larger out scope in the project would be. We rarely get to work on such spacious projects in Mumbai and were truly looking forward to the opportunity to showcase the amazing technology which could be integrated to make this vacation home feel like a permanent home. Let’s take a look at some of the services that we integrated in this gorgeous villa. 


Our clients have a large family and they all like to listen to music. Music spread out throughout the Entertainment Zones was a major priority for them. They wanted to listen to audio while relaxing by the pool but still be able to look into the bar room and watch the Sports Match or Television Event from the Pool. They also wanted to be able to hang out in their Living Room and put on some entertainment beats or even listen to their favorite tunes while shooting pool in the upstairs game room. 

We knew we would need great sounding speakers for these multiple zones and amplification to give them independent volume control which can be easily controlled from one app for each zone as well. When we think of Multi-Zone Audio our favorite brand is Audiocontrol. Their amplifiers use quality components, provide accurate power ratings and also easily integrate with the leading Home Automation manufacturers.

The last point is very important because we planned to use Control4 Home Automation to allow our customers to easily control their entertainment system and also choose which zone to play their audio in and at what level. Control4 makes it very easy to select your room and choose to either watch or listen to whichever entertainment option you prefer. 

Rather than choosing a single speaker brand for the entire residence, we wanted to choose the right speaker for the space we were integrating it with. For the outdoor swimming pool we needed weatherproof outdoor speakers which could outlast the torrential heat and rain Alibaug can be known for. We also wanted our speakers to be closer to the ground so our listeners can enjoy them closer to ear level when in the swimming pool. The RBH Sound R8 rock speakers would look very elegant besides the pool and also provide a great distortion free listening experience for our clients while they enjoyed the pool.

Weatherproof Rock Speakers – RBH Sound R8

For the Living and Bar rooms we knew we had to choose speakers which provide a smooth and easy listening experience but still enough low frequency response without a subwoofer to feel the beat. We chose the small but mighty James Loudspeaker SXC420R with custom painted speaker grills by James to match the wooden ceilings. The 4 inch drivers are hardly noticeable but deliver an amazing full range sound. The SXC420R’s were also used in the game room and powered by the Audiocontrol M4840 to complete the 4 zone experience. 

This project would also have a large Dedicated Home Theater Room. For this large room we wanted to provide the client with an immersive audio experience so we spec’s the RBH VA-414 In-Wall speakers for the Front LCR, RBA Ultra One for the Surround Speakers, and the RBH VA-615 for the in-ceiling Atmos speakers. They are all being powered by the Marantz SR6014 AV Receiver and the vivid imagery is being projected on the Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro 120 inch diagonal Fixed Frame Projection Screen by the Epson EH-TW9400 4K Upscaling Projector.

Home Automation

For this residence the primary focus of automation was the Audio/Visual experience. We have two projectors, one in the bar room and one in the Dedicated Home Theater Room. The Bar Room compromises of a Motorized Projector Lift by Draper. We wanted our customers to have the most easy to use experience by everything coming to life with the single press of a button. The projector lift comes down, the projector powers on, the Audiocontrol M4840 turns to the right input so the audio for the Bar area can be passed, and we get a beautiful image on the 120 inch diagonal Screen Innovations Solo Pro Projection Screen with Pure White fabric. 

Similar scenarios are enabled throughout the residence. A single tap can start the music in any zone, and the Dedicated Home Theater Room can be easily controlled without having to worry about using 5 different remote controls. Everything is brought to life with the state of the art Control4 Home Automation System. 

Networking and WiFi:

A robust WiFi and Network is a must in any home nowadays, imagine a home of this size. WiFi Access Points were placed indoors, outdoors, in the utility shed. Essentially everywhere imaginable to ensure our clients had a seamless roaming network so that they may easily stroll through the property while being on the same network with the same SSID (Name) and not face drop offs or disconnects when they traverse from one access point to another. To achieve this type of stability, we only rely on one solution provider for our WiFi and Networking requirements for all of our projects, Ubiquiti Networks. 

The network switch compromised of the Ubiquiti US-24-250W 250-Watt POE (Power Over Ethernet) managed network switch with 24 gigabit ethernet ports. All cameras and access points throughout the residence could be easily powered on through a single category cable. No need for separate power cables to power each device. A neat category cable can be concealed behind or underneath the device to give the appearance that the device is floating on the ceiling or wherever it may be mounted. 

For routing we used the reliable Ubiquiti ER-X. This is our favorite router and with 5 gigabit ethernet ports and used in all of our projects. 


Considering this is a vacation home our clients wanted to ensure they could keep an eye on the home even while they were away. IP Cameras by Hikvision were strategically placed indoors and outdoors to allow round the clock protection. With strong Infrared filters the cameras can even be viewed with clarity during darkness. 

IP Cameras by Hikvision

All the recording was being done on a Synology NAS. With 8 TB of Hard Disk Storage our clients can record almost a month of continuous recording on all cameras before having to overwrite any content.

With the Synology NAS viewing the cameras also become a piece of cake with the DS Cam software. It is very easy to connect to the NAS even if you do not have a static ip address and also easily view live feeds or recorded content. 

As much as we love working on our challenging projects we equally love sharing useful insights and exclusive behind-the-scenes with you. And we hope you enjoyed your read.  Okay, let’s have a quick rewind for this project to understand the services and products integrared in the villa.

A Quick Rewind

Services integrated at the villa:

  • Multi Zone Audio
  • Private Home Cinema
  • Home Automation
  • Networking and WiFi
  • Home Security
  • Renewable Energy

Also, you might wonder, what all products were used for these installations? We have curated a list for your reference below. 

Products Used:

  • Home Theater | AV System 
    – Epson EH-TW8300 (High definition home theatre projector with ultra black level)
    – Marantz SR6013 (4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with HEOS)
    – AudioControl THE RIALTO 600 (Compact zone amplifier and digital to analog converter)
    – RBH Sound A-600 (2-Way In-Ceiling Speakers)
    – RBH Sound MCS-88 (Inwall subwoofer)
    – Apple TV (4th generation)
    – Peerless-AV PRG-EXB (Projector Ceiling/Wall Mount Kit)
    – Pioneer BDP-180 (Blu-Ray Player)
    – RBH Sound VA-414 (2-way In-wall LCR/center channel speaker)
    – Screen Innovations 133” Diagonal Zero Edge Fixed Frame Screen with Pure Grey Fabric
    – Control4 8-Channel Light Dimming Module
    – Control4 Wireless Square Adaptive Phase Lighting Dimmer
    – Draper 300320 (Ceiling Recessed Projector)
    – RBH Sound R8 (Indoor/Outdoor rock speaker)
  • IT System
    – Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE
  • AV System
    – James Loudspeaker (In-Ceiling Speaker)

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