Homeowners are getting outside more lately, and they’re taking their home technology with them. An outdoor speaker set up is the best solution when you have a good sitting arrangement or you have planned for an outdoor party.

Once you have decided to install outdoor speakers you need to understand a few things like, do you want to hide the speaker completely out of sight, or simply select one that blends in with the yard? Do you care more about the aesthetics or the quality of sound? Are you looking for speakers to be mounted right on the yard or positioned high up in a corner of the house? The answers to these questions will depend on the user, the breadth of the installation and the size and shape of the outdoor space, of course. 

Outdoor loudspeakers are limited in the bass department for the simple reason that the open space in your outdoor is not going to interact with the standing waves your speakers reproduce in the same manner as the four walls inside your listening room. The better quality products will reproduce warm, punchy, and dynamic sounding bass, but won’t get very deep.

An outdoor speaker set up requires planning. Always remember when running cabling outdoors try and run armored cable. Armored cables are specifically designed to beat the elements and other obstacles which underground or exposed wiring may face.

Outdoor speaker set up
Outdoor speaker set up

If you already own an A/V receiver with multiple zones, powering your outdoor loudspeakers is going to be a piece of cake. Depending on the location of your equipment, you may be able to control your sources with a control app on your smart phone or tablet, but you will need an external weather-proof volume control box unless you don’t mind running inside every you want to adjust the volume. Many outdoor speakers are weather-resistant rather than weatherproof, so they’ll need some cover. Therefore mount your speakers below the eaves. Most of the outdoor speaker come with metal mounting brackets, we highly recommend using the same as they can resist all elements. The surface you plan to mount this speakers to should be strong enough to take the weight of the speaker. Before the final placement of the speaker be sure to hear it so you get the perfect sweet spot where you want it at, or rather take an opinion from a professional. It shouldn’t be more than 10 feet high as the sound will thin in to the air. Remember to alternate the channels to left and right if you are using two speakers. If you plan for four outdoor speakers, mount the two left-channel speakers in opposite corners and do the same with the right channels. To cut short, mounting of speakers and channelizing them perfectly will give you the best out of it.

Last but not the least, outdoor loudspeakers can transform an outdoor space into one of the most popular places in your home. With some planning and input from an A/V integrator, you may never want to leave your backyard again.

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