Mumbai is known for its many landmarks and historical sites which add to its illustrious history such as The New Yorker Restaurant at Chowpatti Beach. When they decided to renovate their restaurant, they also planned to rejuvenate their Audio System to create a more ambient setting for their guests. Avenue Sound was hired to provide an audio experience with great clarity and detailing for premier background audio to enhance New Yorker’s liveliness.

  • Two Channel Audio Amplification
  • Subwoofer for Low Frequency Effects
  • Satellite Speakers throughout Restaurant

Audio Video

One of the keys to attracting clientele for The New Yorker was having an audio experience which would not interrupt conversations but set the mood to be inviting enough to have patrons want to keep coming back. With a wide variety of genres to be played at the space, we wanted to ensure we provide speakers which provided balanced high fidelity audio throughout the restaurant so no one area of the restaurant felt louder then another.

  • Taga Harmony TA-400MIC two channel amplifier capable of outputting 90 watts per channel powered the Morel SP-1 Speakers and a generic passive subwoofer to create a 2 Channel Audio Experience for the restaurant.
  • Passive Subwoofer used to provide bass and low frequency effects since the Morel speakers can only reach 90 HZ in the low frequencies
  • Morel-SP1 Satellite Speakers placed in the four corners of the restaurant and angled downwards to provide envelopment throughout the space.

Final Verdict

With an enveloping high fidelity background audio and a powerful amplifier which allows the New Yorker to raise the volume to pick up the pace at anytime, the Taga Harmony and Morel experience proved to be a huge success for the space

Products used

  • Amplifier: Taga Harmony TA-400MIC
  • Subwoofer: Generic Passive Subwoofer
  • Speakers: Morel SP-1

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