With the digital age upon us and so many ways to send your pictures and videos to your television or projector, why not karaoke? When one of our clients approached us to find him a solution for playing karaoke through the karaoke app on his phone or through YouTube, we decided to come up with a creative and seamless option using Apple TV’s. With one Apple TV connected directly to his projector to play the lyrics and background video, we setup a second Apple TV to wireless receive the audio from the karaoke song currently playing. This second Apple TV was then connected to a 4 channel mixer with two Wireless Microphones. The mixer’s audio was sent to his amplifier and both the karaoke music and his singing played in perfect unison through his surround sound speaker system. Check out this video to see how it all finally came together.

Components and Cables:

–          Apple TV’s

–          Proton 4 Channel Mixer

–          Behringer Wireless Microphones

–          Fido Digital to Analog Converter

–          Tributaries HDMI, Optical and Analog Cables

–          Marantz SR5009

–          NHT SuperZero 7.1 Speaker Package

–          Panasonic PT-AE8000U

–          Crystal Vision 136’’ Motorized Projection Screen

–          Control4 Home Automation

So what’s so different about this New Age Karaoke?

How does it differ from the Magic Sing or Sing Song Karaoke systems you get that can be connected directly to your TV or AV Receiver? Having the latest songs directly at your disposal is the major difference. For most of the older karaoke systems, song lists are not up to date and you don’t always get the variety you are looking for. However, with our New Age Karaoke solution you can find the song you are looking for directly on YouTube or a through a multitude of karaoke apps available for your smart phone or tablet. That way you are never short on content and can easily find tracks old or new directly online, and mirror them to your TV or projector using your Apple TV.  Finding your karaoke content online can prove to be much more cost effective as well. Rather than purchasing a karaoke chip for new content like the older solutions require, quickly finding the karaoke song you are looking for online is usually free.  Another drawback with the older solutions is that they may have a huge variety of songs, but always seem to be missing those one or two songs which you know and love. Say goodbye to the missing songs you love and limited usability and start the karaoke revolution with New Age Karaoke.

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