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Luxurious Powai Lakehome Apartment with Dedicated Media Room and Whole Home Multi-Zone Audio and Video Streaming

For this full floor apartment we had a lot of space to work with. The client wanted to have quality channel music which could be streamed to any room in the residence and a dedicated media room with a 5.1 Home Theater Setup. The bedrooms and main living room were easily integrated with In-Ceiling Speakers that would work well with acoustical challenges residential spaces present. The BIC America Acoustech series of speakers has an amazing likability and produces a very warm ambient sound which does not produce listener fatigue when listened to over extensive periods…Learn more..

February 3, 2017

Being in possession of some 28 year old Bose analog speakers and an antique tuner(sentimental!) I did not hold out much hope that we would get them work again. Thanks to Ashish and his methodical and thorough diagnostic acumen, I am happy to say i am now annoying my neighbors by playing loud music. Can highly recommend Avenue Sound.

– Jane Heatly