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Luxurious Powai Lakehome Apartment with Dedicated Media Room and Whole Home Multi-Zone Audio and Video Streaming

For this full floor apartment we had a lot of space to work with. The client wanted to have quality channel music which could be streamed to any room in the residence and a dedicated media room with a 5.1 Home Theater Setup. The bedrooms and main living room were easily integrated with In-Ceiling Speakers that would work well with acoustical challenges residential spaces present. The BIC America Acoustech series of speakers has an amazing likability and produces a very warm ambient sound which does not produce listener fatigue when listened to over extensive periods…Learn more..

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February 3, 2017

Being in possession of some 28 year old Bose analog speakers and an antique tuner(sentimental!) I did not hold out much hope that we would get them work again. Thanks to Ashish and his methodical and thorough diagnostic acumen, I am happy to say i am now annoying my neighbors by playing loud music. Can highly recommend Avenue Sound.

– Jane Heatly