The Control4 NEEO remote is here to further enhance your smart home experience. It is a smart and sleek touchscreen remote that can be used to control your entire smart home. Switching between multiple remotes or searching for a control app on your smart phone can be time consuming. You can now easily switch between Apple Tv, satellite, gaming consoles and more within a few seconds and because it’s powered by Control4 OS 3, it also lets you control lighting, thermostats, window shading and more. You can now turn on/off devices from any room or lock doors instantly right from the comfort of your couch.

Compatibility: Centralized, simple and extremely compatible, the NEEO remote comes with a high resolution touchscreen interface. It is compatible with up to 60,000 devices and can control almost all devices in the “Smart Home”. It is compatible with major smart home manufactures like Apple, Sonos, Philips, Dish, Amazon Fire TV, Sony PlayStation 4 and many others. The best part is, it also works with over 10 year old AV devices. Basically, any device can be implemented in the NEEO brain which is sold separately. However, the NEEO brain is not required for the NEEO remote to work.

Control4 NEEO remote

Simple, fast and easy to use: The Control4 NEEO remote is dedicated to offer you an enjoyable watching experience. It was created thoughtfully, making sure you have quick access to your favorite devices.  The graphical interface provides easy scrolling to simplify your smart home control. Currently streaming music or TV sources are prominently displayed. Favorites can be added to the center helping you access Netflix, HBO, CNN and any other programmes with a single click of a finger. A smart home needs a smart remote! The NEEO remote can be found easily with the help of NEEO’s SOS feature. If you wish to set different profiles for different users, It can be configured to recognize different hands. You can also set parental control profiles limiting access to selected content and devices.

Stylish and durable: Its elegant design complements modern homes and easy to use buttons make sure your eyes are on your Tv and not on the remote. The NEEO remote is durable and can withstand heavy usage. Keeping families in mind, the screen was built to survive falls. The chargeable battery can works up to 5 days without charging and the remote can be easily snapped into the dual-purpose charging and dock station when not in use.

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