Audio System


How do you elevate your customer’s shopping experience? Retailers are finding unique and creative ways to make the shopping experience at their showroom “One to Remember”, and one that keeps customers coming back. When an upcoming fashion showroom at Linking Road, Mumbai wanted to create a sound experience which not just entertained their customers, but allowed them to feel like they are walking the runway at a major fashion show, Avenue Sound had just the right Audio System solution to ensure customers don’t miss a beat while shopping.

Audio System


With space an openness a key for this retail space, we did not want speakers to be an obstruction or clutter the look and feel. In collaboration with the interior designer, we designed a solution which would allow our speakers to be mounted on the ceiling but angled downwards. The clients of this two-storey showroom wanted the entertainment experience to reach every corner of their space. We strategically placed 6 speakers on both floors and allowed output levels to be controlled individually floor-wise. We also made it possible for our clients to access their playlists using Bluetooth, a USB drive or CD.

Audio System

Final Verdict

Shoppers can walk through this fashion station enjoying some awesome music to kick off their shopping experience and strut their stuff when walking the runway to their favorite tunes. The Interior Designer and our Clients were thrilled with the final results and how easy the audio system is to operate. Final Verdict…A trouble free entertainment experience with the rock solid AudioControl Architect 110 in combination with the DNM Audio D-520T speakers.

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