In this age and time both Women and Men are equally busy in their professional arena. How does one get the sense of security of their left behinds? Children, elderly people, assets and home appliances.
Does leaving your loved ones into the hands of the unknown bother you?
What about when you’re at work, away on business, at the mall, or on vacation? Is it really possible in today’s time to compromise on everything and just sit at home the whole day to take care of everything by yourself?
The Answer is NO!
And the Solution is upgrading to a Smart Home


A Smart home allows you to relax, it gives you peace of mind and makes your life easier when you have to leave your loved ones behind and go for work. In short


Our members from AVENUE SOUND spend time with you to find out what you need, explain what’s possible and deliver best technology solutions that allow you and your family to have their best moments in life at home.

Smart Home

You can turn your iOS or Android mobile devices into the ultimate smart home command center. It connects directly to your system and allows you to control and manage all of your system’s features, such as lights, temperature, cameras, audio/video equipment, smart door locks and more.

Compared to others in the market Control4 is in all sense user friendly, from its easy to use interface that allows you to simply navigate to the areas you wish to control to its ability to expand as your needs change without putting a hole in your pocket to its prompt technical support team who take good care of you if there are any technical issues.

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