The Home Owner of this suburban Juhu Villa based out of Mumbai approached us once the projected was nearly complete and there were very limited possibilities of wiring. They wanted us to automate their existing lighting, audio/video and motorized window shadings across the large four storey residence. When it comes to effective wireless home automation that can be easily retrofitted into almost any space we knew Control4 Home Automation Solutions would be the most ideal solution which would seamlessly integrate with the exiting components.

Wireless Home Automation

Audio Video

The client had incorporated Bose Acoustimass Satellite Speaker Solutions throughout the residence, and a 7.2 Channel Definitive Technology Speaker Set Up with a Marantz Receiver and Parasound Amplifier for their Dedicated Cinema Room. Control4 had ready drivers to integrate with the Bose systems which would allow us to provide the client options to watch or listen to their sources in each room, adjust volume directly from the app and turn of all devices from the touch of one button.

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Home automation

When designing the Home Automation solutions for this project, it was essential to us all components worked seamlessly without any lag or delays since most components would be connected wirelessly. For lighting the client specified they wanted to use their existing lighting switches in the residence. They also wanted the lighting to be operable both manually for the staff from the physical switch or wirelessly from their smart phones or tablets. For the ground and first floor of this residence Somfy motors were fitted to operate the motorized window shadings to cover the large glass windows in each room.

Wireless Home Automation

Network and Media Streaming

Behind every successful Control Home Automation Integration is a robust network capable of handling the demanding transfer of endless data to support this new Internet of Things era we are in. This residence would certainly be no exception, and in fact, more demanding considering the amount of devices which would be wireless integrated through Zigbee or WiFi. Media streaming was only implemented in the Dedicated Cinema Room of this residence. An Apple TV was used to stream Movies and TV Shows from channels such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO.

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Home Automation and Smart Security was a main priority for our client. The client wanted to ensure they could remotely view different areas in their residence and high quality video footage was being recorded in those areas.  After thoroughly investigating access points for break-ins and areas the client wanted to have covered through their security cameras, we installed outdoor weatherproof bullet cameras at vantage points which produced the best viewing angle to monitor activity throughout the outside of the residence. 

Wireless Home Automation

The Final Verdict

Control4’s Wireless Home Automation Solutions were definitely a huge success and shows how far wireless technology has evolved over the years.  The customer was very impressed at how smoothly everything operated and how easily we were able to coordinate automation devices to work according to their lifestyle. If you have a ready residence or commercial establishment and need to retrofit home automation solutions but do not have the option of running any wiring, take a look at Control4 and their lineup of wireless solutions.

Products used

  • Home Automation Controllers: Control4 HC-250
  • Motorized Window Shadings Control: Axxess RCS6
  • Home Automation Universal Remote Control: Control4 SR-260
  • WiFi Access Point: Engenius ECB350Wireless N Access Point
  • Network Switch: Engenius EGS7252P 48 Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Router: Luxul XBR-2300 Dual Wan Router
  • DVR: Wirepath 8 Channel Analog DVR
  • Hard Drive: Seagate 1TB Internal 3.5” Hard Drive
  • Lighting Control: Control4 C4-SM201- Z and Control4 C4-DM201- Z
  • CCTV Cameras: Wirepath Analog 700 TV Lines Outdoor Bullet Cameras

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