Every advancement that humans have ever made was an attempt to replace an old process or product with one that does more or works better. Since the invention of the first stone tools, invention and improvement have been what separate us from any other animal in the history of the world. The idea of an automated home is growing in popularity , however there are people who are skeptical.. Is home automation really needed?

The real attraction of automated devices is not in the new ways we can interact with our devices, but in the ways that they will be able to interact with each other without us. When my home knows that I am approaching the house and unlocks the front door, disarms the alarm, turns on my lights, sets the temperature how I like it and pours me a cup of coffee, after a long day; all this literally without me having to lift a finger, I can see the appeal of home automation. And all of these things are possible with low cost solutions.

So there are plenty of small everyday situations in which an automated home can really help you out. For example, I can control every light, fan and air conditioner in my house from my tablet or my cell phone.This includes mood UNsettings, temperature settings and volume settings on my TV. There is a universal remote that has all these variables pre-programed to suit my preference. I can choose between ” A bright shiny productive day , when all the lights come on and my favorite song starts playing in the background ” mood setting, or a “Post hangover scene – where all the lights need to be dim and coffee has to be ready before i open my eyes ” mood setting. If i come back from a long hot summer’s day after sitting through insane traffic, I can put my A/C on from my cell phone, and my house will be cool as soon as I step in.

I have also set up an “all lights on” button, and “an all lights off” button. It’s very handy when you get in bed and find you forgot to turn the kitchen light off.

On the wall at my door, I have a wall-mounted device that has an all lights on/off button. Very handy when leaving the house and you forgot to turn a light off at the far side of the house. Just press that button, and any light you left on is turned off from there.

I also use timers to switch off stuff I’m likely to forget. For example, the bathroom exhaust fan is set on a timer. When turned on manually, it automatically turns off after 5 minutes.

When it comes to security, is home automation really needed? Home owners know that security isn’t as simple as just installing a lock. It’s about how you can act in case of an emergency; how the alarm functions; and how secure the home feels when you aren’t in it. On my bedside clock controller, as well son my cell phone, the “all lights on” button lets me (well to be honest, my very sleepy husband!) get into action, armed with a cricket bat, when I hear a noise and want light.

The biggest argument against automation has been – do you really need a computer doing something for you that you can anyways do in two minutes? Doesn’t that make you lazy? Is home automation needed? Well, to put it frankly, no, we don’t really NEED any of it, but because it makes our lives a little more relaxed, a little bit easier and more convenient, we definitely want it! A smart home could change your life – freeing up time in your day and regulating your routine so you don’t have to remember what needs to be done.

These are just some ways in which we can use automation to make our lives more comfortable. The best part is that the potential for customization, of each smart home is limitless, and the options available are growing every year. Last but definitely not the least, of course, the fun factor, can never be denied!