Lighting does more than just help us see. Very often we don’t realize the impact lighting has on our bodily functions. Our physical, mental and behavioral patterns are effected by the light and darkness in our environment. It is no secret that our overall health and productivity during the day depends on our sleep patterns. Human Centric Lighting aims at balancing the human circadian rhythm to make sure you feel your best during the day.   

What is Human Centric Lighting?

Natural daylight has been proven to be the best source of light for productivity and health. Human Centric Lighting (HCL), also known as circadian lighting mimics natural daylight patterns to help improve our physical, emotional and mental well-being. The main aim of HCL technology is to provide users with natural lighting conditions throughout the day through artificial lights. It is designed to provide users the right light at the right time for the right use. These lights are easy to tune and can create endless possibilities. In the morning an increased intensity and higher proportions of blue light supports concentration. The sun setting in the evening is a cue for the human body to unwind and go to bed. As the day passes the intensity of illumination should drop off as the human body prepares for sleep. These lights can be dimmed and color tuned automatically during the day without any human intervention.


Smart homes aren’t the only place that benefits from Human Centric Lighting. There are  various advantages of using them in different spaces. This type of lighting can also be used in work places, schools and health care centres. It helps users across various sectors to achieve the right balance of lighting solutions. Besides being energy efficient some of the other benefits of HCL technology include:-

  • Increase in concentration and alertness due to a well lit environment
  • Maximized productivity
  • Improves circadian rhythm and quality of sleep.
  • Biorhythm adjustments for night shift workers.
  • Prevents mood fluctuations
  • Less fatigue and strain on the eyes

We spend most of our time indoors. Human Centric Lighting lets you adjust indoor lights to match the path of sunlight. It can also be used in spaces where users have little or no access to natural light such as certain work spaces.

Human Centric Lighting Guide
Human Centric Lighting Guide

HCL combined with smart home systems

Lighting is one of the element of an integrated smart home system. HVAC systems and window shading can be designed to work in harmony with lighting. Such capabilities can be used in residential areas as well as work spaces so that users are provided with an ideal environment helping them accomplish the task at hand with ease. Homeowners can create a relaxed environment by selecting the scenic pre-set button. HCL technology makes sure that lighting conditions are altered to suit the homeowners lifestyle and individual habits so that they can sleep better, wake up feeling well rested and be more active throughout the day.