What if you have already renovated your home, but now want to make it smart? Are there any solutions for this? We faced this very challenge in this two bedroom Colaba apartment.  Our clients wanted to reduce the clutter and combine all their Audio/Video solutions on a single remote control, and stream music to different rooms in their house through their smart phones. They also felt like carrying keys was a thing of the past with the new smart lock solutions populating the market. 

  • Two Channel Amplification
  • Multi-Zone Amplification
  • Smart Lock for Security
  • Easy streaming of Music to Any Zone
  • Universal Remote Control
  • Voice Activated Automation
  • Tower Speakers for Main Living Room
  • In-Ceiling Speakers for 4 Zones throughout Residence

Audio Video

This nuclear family spent most of their day at work or school, but when home really wanted to take advantage of their space. Listening to music, streaming Netflix and HBO, and watching movies are a big part of their leisure time.

  • Control4 EA-3 Home Automation controller integrated with their entertainment system to ensure one remote set the TV to the right input, controlled their Amazon Fire TV, DVD Player or Gaming Console, and also controlled their amplification.
  • Two NHT Tower speakers were set up in the main living room for high-fidelity 2-Channel Stereo sound from anything which played through the television. These speakers are powered by the ultra-compact Audiocontrol Rialto 600.
  • The Audiocontrol M4840 4-Zone Amplifier is also powering in-ceiling speakers In the Living Room, Kitchen, Son’s Room and Master Bedroom so that the family can take their music with them whichever room they are hanging out in. Through the Control4 EA-3, they can stream Spotify, Tidal, Tune-In Radio or Airplay their own playlists. The best part if multiple users can be listening to different music at the same time at different volumes in different parts of the house.
smart lock

Home Automation

To retrofit Home Automation into existing home has become much easier with brands like Control4. You can now easily integrate Split Air Conditioners, add Smart Security such as Door Locks, and retrofit Smart Lighting and Audio/Video solutions throughout the residence. When we showed our clients the possibilities of everything that could be automated in their home, they couldn’t get over the fact that they would no longer have to carry keys with their new smart lock!

  • Control4 EA-3 Main System Controller functions as the brain of the entire automation hierarchy and allowed smart control of the Audio/Video, HVAC System and Smart Security
  • Control4 Z2IO wireless Zigbee modules were integrated with each Split Air Conditioning Unit to wireless transmit IR codes from the Automation Controller to the Air Conditioning unit without having to run any wiring. This allows the home owners to control the their A/C’s from their Smart Phones no matter where they are in the world.
  • Amazon Alexa and more recently Google Home were combined with Chowmain’s IFTTT driver to natively launch apps in the Amazon Fire TV such as Netflix, HBO, Sling and more. All through just a simple voice command the entire entertainment experience can be easily controlled.
  • Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt integrated with a wireless Zigbee module to communicate with the automation system. User codes are assigned to the master user and to other members of the household. Each user can have a scheduled attached to their code.

Networking and WiFi

A super fast and stable wifi network was one of the most important requests by our clients. They have cut the cord and no longer watch cable television. Everything is streamed through online apps, making good fast connectivity a must. With a combination of internet connectivity by Reliance Jio and hardware by Ubiquiti, they have faced 99% uptime till date.

  • The Ubiquiti ER-X router proves as the backbone for the entire networking providing gigabit switching and routing in a single device. There are not many hardwired connections throughout the residence, so only four ports were adequate to complete the network infrastructure.
  • The Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Pro was a true game changer for this residence because a single access point placed in the corner of one room covered the entire 1000 sq ft residence with blazing fast speeds. A mix of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bandwidths allow the family to stream their favorite shows and movies without buffering and watch on any of their smart phones or tablets no matter where they are in the residence, including the bathrooms!

Final Verdict

This residence proves you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home and still use wireless technology with a good Home Automation system and a strong network to enjoy the same benefits which wired smart home products provide. The family has been thrilled with upgrades and are hoping to add new devices in the near future by automating their lights and fans and adding a Doorbird Smart Video Door Phone.

Products Used

  • Home Automation Controller: Control4 C4-EA3-V2
  • Home Automation Universal Remote Control: Control4 C4-SR260
  • Media Player: Amazon Fire TV
  • Television: Samsung Series 5 48’’ LED Television
  • Living Room Amplifier: Audiocontrol Rialto 600
  • Multi-Zone Amplifier: Audiocontrol M4840
  • Living Room Speakers: NHT Absolute Tower
  • In-Ceiling Speakers: RBH A-600
  • Voice Activated Control: Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Gaming Console: Sony Playstation 3
  • HVAC Control: Control4 C4-Z2IO
  • Router: Ubiquiti ER-X
  • Access Point: Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO

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