What could be better than a home theater for sport lovers? Most of us are fascinated with some sport or the other and enjoy supporting our favorite team from our living room if not in person. If you are  someone who enjoys watching sports, a home theater seems like a wise investment. Installing a home theater can sometimes be challenging given the scarcity of space but if done right you will feel as though you’re a part of the audience in the stadium itself. Before buying a home theater you may have to take into consideration certain factors like speaker placement and cleaver ways to fit a 3D sound effect that would provide on ground experience. A variety of Home theaters can be found to suit every budget, the most common options available in the market are the 5.1 which includes one subwoofer and 5 speakers and a 7.1 which comes with an additional pair of speakers.

Here are a few tips to help you enhance your game watching experience at home.

Select the right projector

Color accuracy plays an important role when it comes to sports events. The players complexion as well as green shades of the field need to be produced accurately. Inaccurate colors can provide viewers with a poor viewing experience and have a negative impact on the viewer’s excitement. Other factors that play an important role while selecting a projector are resolution, brightness and image correction features like auto focus and lens shift.

Select the right screen

There are a variety of projectors that are made up of different materials. Different screen fabrics are used for different environments. The effectiveness of projectors depends on various factors such as lighting and acoustic, the resolution of the media and the viewing angle of the audience. Other basic factors needed to be taken into consideration are the size of the wall, viewing distance and ratio or aspect.

Home theater for sport lovers

Correct Speaker placement

Choosing the right speaker and placing them correctly is of prime importance while setting up an entertainment area. The size of the room and sitting area must be taken into consideration. The center, front left and right speakers are placed at the forefront of your entertainment system and are responsible for creating a 3D sound effect. You may want to opt for in ceiling speakers however they will take away from the stadium experience. To enhance the output of these speakers you can go for a slanting ceiling in your entertainment area if that’s possible. To know more about speaker placement, click here.

Invest in more than one subwoofer

A Subwoofer helps produce low base acoustics which plays an important role in creating the best listening experience. The  dimension of the room will impact the number of subwoofers needed. Usually a single Subwoofer with an internal amplifier proves to be effective however if the room is larger, then you should opt for an extra subwoofer in order to maintain acoustics.

A home theater for sport lovers and home automation offers one to immerse them self in their passion. In order to know more and get a perfect home theater to suit your lifestyle feel free to contact us!